Friday, September 2, 2011

Good to be back...

Being 21 at UNH is probably the greatest thing ever because every night of the week at least one bar has awesome drink specials. Since we've been back I've been down to the bars three times and twice I've run into my roommates from freshmen and sophomore year. It's good to see that we haven't changed. At the end of last semester, when my roommates and a few friends and I had finally turned 21, we began a little tradition of going to Beat the Clock at Ballard's every Thursday. We would try to get there right at 7 and if the weather was decent, grab a table outside. It was the perfect way to kickoff the weekend, even if a few of us still had classes on Friday. We wouldn't go in a huge group, usually it was just 4 or 5 of us (not everyone would always go) but it was our time. Some of us go way back to elementary school and others became great friends back on the fourth floor of Williamson freshmen year. It was kind of like our "guy" time before the weekend started. We could say things that wouldn't leave the table, just shoot the shit or tell funny stories the others missed out on or were too drunk to remember. It was always a blast and we looked forward to continuing that tradition this year. But last night Ballard's took that awesome hour or two away from us. Beat the Clock didn't start until 9 and we ended up at The Knot for wing's and then Libby's when their dollar drinks started around 8. I must say that Ballard's still advertises Beat the Clock at 7 on their facebook page, so we were all disappointed. While we were at Libby's we saw something that wasn't quite right. In between all the drunk students was a table of two parents and their two young children. Like these kids were probably 8 and 10 years old. Maybe. I mean there was a crowd three rows deep around the bar trying to get drinks and every other table was taken by UNH students and here's these people trying to have a family dinner. Who does that on a Thursday night at a college bar? I get that Libby's is actually a pretty decent restaurant during the day, but it was like 8:30 PM at this point. Students are  pounding their well drinks and cheap beer and being loud and obnoxious and they're just eating away. Seemed weird to me. It was still a fun time and I'm so happy to be back at school again, where it's acceptable to drink every night...

This also seems weird to me, a PBR commercial from the 60s:

I think they should run this as a commercial now:

That just seems more like the average PBR drinker to me...

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. I'm a waitress at Libby's and we think the same thing about families bringing their kids in on nights where the bar is packed with college drinkers. Not a kid friendly environment.