Friday, September 9, 2011

My Freshmen Moment (well... one of them)

Every Friday morning I wake up to my apartment being pretty trashed and it makes me think, man, I'm gonna miss this. Now is not the time to get sentimental though, we have a whole year together and I'm determined to make it the best year ever. The last three years have been epic and I feel like this one is just taking off. Study hard, party harder. That's my motto right now. Even though I have a Friday class at 2 PM, Thursdays at 4 PM is my favorite time of the week. I get out of class and I'm like a kid in a candy store... who ate an entire shelf and has a sugar high, but well before the crash. I'll always go to my Friday class, I have to, but my weekends begin Thursday at 4.

So far this year the blogging hasn't really taken off, but it usually takes a few weeks for it to get going after breaks. I still feel like I'm settling in, so tell your friends about this blog because shit is about to get real. I'm talking the best pass out pictures (with blurred faces of course), critiques, opinions, rants and ramblings, which are usually alcohol induced.

For the first time in a long time I am taking two 400 level classes (to counter balance writing my colloquium and another high level class in my major). I must say between those two 400s there are probably a handful of seniors combined, and they're mostly people I know or have had class with before. The rest of those 400s are full of freshmen. And it makes me feel old. I know I'm only three years older than them, and I used to be in their very position, but I never realized how easy it is to pick out freshmen. There is nothing wrong with it, we were all there, in fact I still remember the first weekend my freshmen year. My roommate and I had our backpacks of Keystone Light (that right there should be enough to classify as a freshman moment) and we took off from Williamson thinking we were about to party hop and rage all night. It was raining lightly as we left. We got to Main Street and it was absolutely pouring and a car drove by, out the window one of the passengers screams "FRESHMAN!" And my roommate looked at me and said "what the fuck does that mean?" We ended up taking cover under the T-Hall entrance before realizing we were way to wet to continue and we returned to Williamson and drank in our room with some other friends. Party fail. Freshmen, you're going to do stupid things. We've all been there and it's gonna be awesome. That's the great thing about college, every night you have another chance to do something completely different. You should never be bored here because the opportunities are endless... that being said, can it just be 3 because my hangover is over and I'm ready for round 2 tonight... who am I kidding I drank Wednesday too. Round 3!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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