Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Ballard's Patio Drinking Game

Last night my roommates and I invented the Ballard's Patio drinking game. Every time a regular UNH or Durham cop drives by, it's one sip (or gulp, go big or go home!). A segway, motorcycle or bicycle is two sips (think 2 wheels = 2 drinks) and a statie, sheriff or undercover cop is three sips. If you see someone get pulled over or an accident you have to finish your drink. You can also purchase the expansion pack which is a sip when you suspect a pedestrian is a freshmen or a group of freshmen walk by. Every Domino's Delivery is also one sip.

So we were at Ballard's a while and shared the game idea with other people and they seemed to like it. It's nice because it is not actually that intense and can be done on the side because it doesn't really take full attention.

This is what happened after Ballard's:


Roommate, aka the Cabinet Kid from last year.

And yes. That really is our recycling bin...

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