Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whiskey Time!

The Maine Guy is coming to Durham and I got my first handle of whiskey of the year. I had been on a gin kick, but it's whiskey time, which means that I'm ready to turn up to 11. Party!

This is my whiskey trifecta of songs. My playlist has plenty of hip-hop and popular college party music,   but it's good to have a little variety as well.

Whiskey pre-game pump up:

And when the clock strikes midnight and you're feeling pretty good, belt this one out with your friends:

And this one is after you can rage no more and are ready to wind down. Learn the lyrics and sing along because when the time is right, this song cannot be beat:


  1. Your blog's a lot better when you don't talk about drinking all the time. Seriously, it's not that special and no one cares. You're an insightful and clever guy that's what makes you unique. Getting sloshed and partying on a weekend? Not so much.

  2. Yeah I agree. I love the blog but these constant posts about getting drunk are BORING. Something with substance next time please!!!

  3. To the comments above, I think thats where his new project comes into play.

    On the flip side, they do have a point zac....

  4. I see where you're coming from. Not to make excuses, but I haven't had as much time to really get into the blog and I definitely love writing on substantial topics more, but those require more time. I'm starting to get into more of a flow with my schedule and everything so I'm hoping to pick things up. Also, those posts require some influence from the school and not much has really happened yet. Thanks for the feedback. I have a few ideas I'm looking to delve into this week.