Monday, September 12, 2011

Did a Stoke RA get arrested... for J-Walking?

So over the past few days the rumor mill has been swarming about an apparent arrest of a Stoke RA. According to two sources on Twitter a Stoke RA was given a citation for J-walking across Main Street by Thompson Hall. From what I was told when the RA questioned the reason for the citation the cop placed him under arrest. Now, I do not know what was said between the officer and the student or any other details, but I trust that this story is true because the tipsters have both been helpful to me in the past. I have heard other stories of citations being given recently for J-walking, but this is definitely the most alarming one.

Is J-walking technically illegal? Yes. But this is a college campus. I probably J-walk five times a day without even thinking about it. Personally, I think it's more efficient and dare I say friendlier and even at times safer, to cross a street when the coast is clear then waiting at a cross walk and causing cars to slow or stop. Just the other day I saw a car slam on its brakes at the crosswalk at the top of the A-Lot stairs because a pedestrian was crossing. I find it quite ridiculous that an actual ticket and fine would be given for this "crime." Obviously if this student really was arrested he probably said or did something wrong, but for the life of me I can't think of what he could have SAID. I mean, I almost want to start J-walking more just so I can see what the course of action a cop would take in the situation. While there are a few decent and sane UNH cops, many of them have the Rod Farva syndrome because they were probably picked on in high school.

Now gimme a goddamn liter-a-cola!


  1. J-walking is fine at night, sure, but when it's 2 in the afternoon and Main Street is backed up to the rotary and some dick decides that going the extra 3 feet to the crosswalk is too much effort and just runs out into the road without looking, it shouldn't be my fault if I hit him.

  2. this struck me as very barstool like.... and that is a good thing, keep it up

  3. I agree! If you want to j-walk then I say you are fair game to be wearing my tire tracks as your new accessories.

  4. what he's saying is that if the coast is clear and no cars around, then who cares? if you run out in traffic though, thats a different story.

  5. actually, there is no law against J-walking in new hampshire (live free or die!). You can only get cited for disrupting the flow of traffic.

    So you could walk down the middle of the street all you want, cross wherever, whenever, as long as you don't interfere wit any traffic. So like a normal person, crossing randomly after all the cars past because there is no cross walk in site, is perfectly fine.