Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Shout-Outs

Okay so I've been away from the blog longer than usual, but I've had a couple of crazy days. My colloquium class is keeping me super busy and weekend nights... well, you can probably guess. I've been meaning to do a couple hat tips or shout outs for a while now, so I figured I'd get them all done at once. I usually don't do posts like this, but these are a few things worth mentioning, plus I know the people involved read this blog and I like to show appreciation to all the readers out there.

First and foremost, Vahalla (the "Party at UNH" kid) recently released his newest mixtape "There is no Mixtape" after there almost wasn't a mixtape. Days before it's original release date over the summer his car was broken into and his laptop was stolen. He was able to recover a few files from emails and his friend's computers, but seven tracks are still missing, three will never be the same. You can download it for free here and I think although it is shorter it shows more variety then his last mixtapes. It ranges from pop to hip-hop and even a little dubstep. Several other UNH and former UNH students are featured on different songs.

Secondly, the boys from NEWD films have released a new short. Personally, it doesn't measure up to the satire of "white and ghetto" (my favorite of all their shorts) but it is still good for some hard laughs. They look into the dangers and life troubles of planking:

Third, I got to give some credit to the ladies over at "Her Campus UNH." Her Campus is a national blog with different chapters for dozens of colleges written by college girls. It is obviously tailed to girls, but I know I have many female readers. They specialize in lists and tips type posts and also feature a weekly campus celebrity and cutie. Might want to keep you eye on that one... the celebrity one that is...

I can't go another post without giving a shout out to Clementos Pizza and Brew. They have good food and while it might be a tad more expensive then the other bars, it is rapidly becoming my favorite spot on campus. Every time I've been it has started out slow, but it does get pretty busy. They have daily specials like the other bars, but friend them on facebook to hear about all of them ahead of time. The other night I was there for about an hour and I played three songs on the jukebox. Absolutely took the place over, or at least I thought I did. Let's just say all three songs turned the bar into a drunk sing-along of epic proportions. I don't think there was a soul in there who didn't belt it out to "Wagon Wheel," "Build Me up Buttercup" (Yeah, I went there) and "Fuck You."

And a final shout out to the kid I over heard in D-Hop the other night, just laying it all on the line trying to hit on this girl:

Girl: Are you a freshmen?
Guy: Nah, I'm a sophomore.
Girl: Oh, where do you live?
Guy: Williamson.

Buddy, you're doing it wrong. You may give him the benefit of the doubt that he was an RA, but let's say he didn't seem to give off that impression.

Stay classy, not UMassy

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  1. I've talked to freshman before who tell me they live at The Gables, funny stuff.