Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Call Shenanigans!

So over the summer UNH released a new format for student email via Windows Live. It was an idea passed unanimously by the student senate and has received mixed reactions; mostly negative though. Anyways, from the first time I logged on I knew something about it was funny. I just couldn't put my finger on it though. After a few times of logging in I realized that it was the new logo for the email, the UNH Wildcat with a letter in it's mouth.

 I knew I had seen something like it before, but where?

After a while I had finally figured it out. When I first started this blog at the end of March 2009 I was scouring over every UNH blog I could find to figure out where I would fit in and what new things I could bring. One of the blogs was TNH's Newsroom Blog "MUB 156." It was there where I had seen a very similar image.

Then TNH Editor Cam (the editor who convinced me to write for them) had a post about creating a possible logo for the new business section. Here's what Cam came up with:

Identical? Not at all. Eerily similar? Slightly. One big damn conspiracy? Most definitely.

This isn't the first time a UNH department has "copied" a student blogger (cough my Paul Thompson for Hobey video), so it shouldn't come as a surprise. Is there like an intellectual property claim we can put in? Then again, this school has enough budget problems, so I'll just let it slide.

Stay classy, Not UMassy.

PS: I'm probably gonna steal Cam's design whenever I post about UNH wasting money or something. It seems to fit that well. Just gobbling it all up. Om nom nom.

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  1. Not UMassy? What a douchey comment you arrogant cunt.