Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get off Your Ass and Walk to Class

I have a proposition for UNH and Wildcat Transit: If you really care about the overall health and well being of the students, the environment and the school's budget, then why the hell do you feel the need to run all three Gables/A Lot connectors on days like today? It's so fricken' beautiful out how would anyone want to take the bus? (Okay, other than the fact that they have AC). I have a new health campaign for the school to advertise.

It's called "Get off your ass and walk to class."

Personally, as a Gables resident I only take the bus if it is raining or I am vastly under-dressed for a nippy New England morning. I know a lot of people probably think this is stupid, would be impossible to run and would only make things more confusing, and I would agree, but it is more about making a point. Also, don't complain about the gym being too crowded if you're too lazy to walk to class.

While I'm on this slight rant I would just like to throw this out there: Why the hell do students show up to a class where attendance is not mandatory and then talk the entire class? Just stay the hell home or keep your mouth shut. You are not more important than anyone else and everyone in the class hates you. Shouldn't you be at the beach on a day like today anyways?

And while on that topic, I've missed classes this week because I've been under the weather, not because of the weather. This just isn't fair because it is probably the one week of the semester my professors wouldn't believe me. Spring colds are the worst.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. this girl was half naked with a hula hoop around her. was that you?

  2. Just going to give a thumbs up to everything in this post, except being sick. Feel better!