Monday, March 19, 2012

Post Spring Break Thoughts

 Another great UNH Meme

I have survived my final spring break, I survived a trip into the depths of UMaine and now I can survive a week of classes with beautiful weather... I hope. It probably won't help that my birthday is this week, but I believe in myself. It's kind of scary to think that today is my last day as a 21-year-old. This past year flew by, but it was absolutely amazing. I wish I could turn 21 all over again. (The only reason I feel the need to mention this is because you should all send me a present or buy me a drink. You can figure out how somehow...) 

Over break UNH experienced another heart breaking end to a hockey season. This one, perhaps because it was my final year as a student fan hurt even more, but failing to make the NCAA tournament for what would have been an 11th straight year is really frustrating. But, it is not all bad news. The last time UNH finished a season with a losing record, they followed it up by going 28-11 the next year. This team has a lot of young talent and I will enjoy following them as an alumni as much as I hate the thought of that. 

You know what, this weather is just to damn nice and I need to read before my next class so I'll just leave you all with this. Enjoy it out there UNH.

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