Friday, March 23, 2012

Watch Yo Drank

I feel like this type of post shouldn't be necessary for college students because we have all heard the warnings, been through health classes and probably seen The Hangover, but after a few recent events it appears a small PSA might be necessary.

When you go out at night it, whether to the bar or to a party, please be smart about your drinks. Over the past few weeks there have been two incidences where a friend of mine has been roofied, or at there was an attempt. Luckily neither were successful and the worst that happened was a minor brownout and some vomit. Let me explain.

The first incident took place at Scorps a few weeks ago. A friend of ours had one drink in him when he drank his girlfriend's drink because she didn't want it. In a short time he began acting strange and completely out of it which was weird because he had only had two drinks. His friends he was with took him to one of their nearby apartments where he passed out. Clearly his girlfriend's drink had been spiked and luckily nothing serious happened as the result.

The second incident took place last night at Libby's. A friend of ours foolishly accepted a drink from a guy (of course she doesn't recall what he looks like at all and also it was her birthday so she stupidly accepted it) and she returned to our friend's table. She put the drink down where one of my roommate's accidentally drank part of it because it was the same type of drink he had. He thought it tasted a little weird, but didn't think much of it.

Again, he began acting weird not too long later. While at Kurt's he suddenly didn't recognize his girlfriend, but then quickly snapped out of it. Upon returning to our apartment he randomly punched another roommate quite hard in the shoulder (which was actually quite humorous) and then again snapped out if it. Apologizing and saying he had no idea why he just did that. This morning he remembers the bar and Kurt's, but he doesn't remember being at our apartment. Clearly the drink was spiked, but it didn't fully hit him as he faded in and out of being aware of his surroundings.

What we do know is that both girls who were "targeted" were small blondes, but obviously there is no way to find out if it was the same scumbag or really anything else because of how the situations and nights played out.

So, obviously you should never accept a drink from someone you don't know. Always keep your drink in your hand or directly in front of you if you are sitting down and while standing hold your drink with the "claw" grip, covering the top with your palm and fingers. It won't completely cover your drink, but it will make it much more difficult. As you get more drunk your more likely to make stupid mistakes and dumb decisions, but really the best prevention is to simple make better decisions. Luckily both of these incidences turned out to be harmless considering the potential, but it goes to show that stuff like this really does happen quite frequently.

Stay smart out there and stay classy, not UMassy.

PS: To people who need to roofy chicks: FUCK you, you piece of shit scum. You are the lowest of the low. If you can't pick up a girl or flirt without drugging her then you're doing it wrong. I hope you get caught and get in a lot of trouble because you deserve it. Dick head.


  1. Great post, and I loved the P.S. If you can't get a girl while you're both drunk (or, even better, when you're both sober) and you have to roofie them? You're pathetic. I hope you feel like shit 24/7 because you deserve it, I live in Hubbard and know kids with better game than you.

  2. Wowza! That is some pretty scary happenings here in Durham. Sadly, we here at SHARPP are all too aware that sexual assault is a reality at UNH. There are three points that we would like to stress in response to this blog.

    1.) Please keep in mind that SHARPP is available to support anyone who has been affected (directly or indirectly) by a sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault. We have highly trained, confidential advocates available at all times on our confidential 24-hour support line. Our office will be open Monday- Friday from 8-4:30pm for walk-in visits and support chats can be found on our website www.unh.ed/sharpp
    2.) It is ALWAYS a good idea to be a pro-social empowered bystander. Watching out for each other on campus when we are out doing our “thing” at parties and bars is key to keeping our community safe. Noticing a friend's weird behavior and stepping in to keep them safe is totally awesome. Kudos to people who choose to do something to help rather than ignore a friend’s potentially dangerous situation. The reality is on a college campus, a majority of sexual assaults that occur are alcohol facilitated rape. Scary fact is that roofies do exist. An ever scarier fact is that rapists also see an overly intoxicated person as a target to prey upon. Friends watching out for friends prevents perpetrators from turning a person’s vulnerable state of intoxication into an opportunity to commit a sexual assault. Arming ourselves with awareness and the willingness to intervene safely will do buckets of awesome in keeping UNH a safe and fun place to explore.
    3.) Truth is that we can do a thousand different things to reduce our risk of sexual assault. Never leave your drink unattended. Always make your own drinks or bring your own alcohol, that way you know exactly what is in it. Stick with friends and make the decision that you leave no Wildcat behind. If you go out together you come back together. Know your limits and drink responsibly. The list can go on and on. Yet, here is the only way that a sexual assault can be absolutely prevented and that is for the person who chooses to rape… to choose NOT to rape. Keep in mind that if a rapist doesn’t choose to not rape this is where alert and committed friends/bystanders play a major role in keeping each other safe.

    I don’t typically share personal info but I think this is relevant so here goes. I was once a UNH Wildcat. I walked the same streets that you walk today. I went to parties. I frequented bars. I took risks like a lot of college students do. I tested my boundaries and I figured out what was comfortable and what wasn’t. Basically I discovered and shaped the person that I am today. Here is my point, I took risks. I even placed myself in what can be categorized as unsafe situations because of impairment or lack of good judgment. I did things that many blame victims for. Things like “what was she thinking drinking that much”, “what message did she think she was sending dressing like that and flirting like that?, and “what was she thinking accepting a drink from someone?”. I can tell you now why I wasn’t raped. I was not raped simply because I was NOT in the presence of a rapist when all these risks and bad judgments occurred. I can do a thousand different things to reduce my risk but I can never 100% prevent my sexual assault. Only a rapist can choose to not commit a rape. I place blame with the person committing the crime. That is where the blame belongs.

    Watch out for each other as you explore, discover and have a blast. Remember also that SHARPP is here to help and support if you or someone you know needs us.

    Maggie Wells
    SHARPP Outreach Coordinator

  3. Maybe the problem here is that we should be teaching men NOT TO ROOFIE WOMEN.

  4. It's always going to happen because there are always going to be sleezebags. The best thing you can do is to be careful. Don't turn this into a gender thing because not all men do it. 99.9% would never do it, but that .1% can't be taught not to.

    While we're teaching rapists not to rape, let's teach serial killers not to kill, child molesters not to molest and cracks heads not to do crack. Sounds easy enough to me...

  5. Thanks for the PSA but please tell me you reported this to the police. They need to be aware in case someone else is victimized. Also: the PS about not being able to get a girl is unnecessary - rape is about power more than it us about sex.