Friday, June 18, 2010


Did you know that telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell initially wanted the telephone greeting to be "Ahoy," but it was Thomas Edison who suggested "Hello?" This has been another useless piece of history trivia from the New Hampshirite. Where would you be without me?

Anyways, I finally got wireless internet at my house, which means that I can use my laptop and not my parent's old piece of junk. Hopefully this will lead to a few more summer posts, but no promises. I am extremely close to being done with my "Surviving UNH" guide, which is turning into mix between a wikipedia of life at UNH and my own personal orientation guide.

I would like to mention that former blogger Corey has moved on and started up a blog of his own. Although, now that he is in the real world some of his writing might be over our college-student heads. In all seriousness, he really is a great writer and if you enjoyed what he did here your should definitely check out "transmissions from the woods." Hopefully he will still dip in here from time to time and I know we plan on bouncing ideas off each other so even if he isn't writing here, his presence will still be felt.

I have also been getting a few emails now and again and instead of replying to them I have decided to turn them into a "mailbag" type of post. The first is yet another UNH rap, which really got me excited because my favorite type of music is amateur rapping over garage band.

I will admit, that had a few decent lines in it. I enjoyed the jab about only winning Hockey East and it was far superior than the DHop rap (which would have been better if it was a joke). Once the semester starts up we may have to do a poll on the "best" (or worst?) UNH anthem. Whatever, I know these videos aren't great, but for UNH students I definitely see how they can be enjoyable.

I also recently stumbled across a site that could come in handy when it comes time for back to school shopping or for anyone looking to purchase a few items for an apartment or something. (And by stumble across I mean a friend of mine is doing an internship for them and he emailed me.) Anyways, it is called, which is kind of similar to ebay and they actually do have some decent deals on appliances. So check that out if you're interested. According to their website their "prices are constantly falling! Watch the timer, and every few seconds the price will flash showing that the cost of the item has dropped by a predetermined amount."

This email came from "John."
"I think it is terrible that you made fun of Scott Darling for getting kicked off the Maine hockey team. He has a problem and you don't have to turn it into a laughing matter."

This reminds me of that South Park episode where Stan's dad has alcoholism and uses the whole "it is a disease" excuse. Ah, good ole' South Park. Let's face it, most college students drink and some like to drink a lot, but if I was getting a full ride to play highly competitive DI hockey, I would make a few priorities. Showing up to practice not hungover would be towards the top of that list.

This email came from "Kyle."
"I just graduated high school and I'm coming to UNH in the fall. You seem to know a lot about UNH so I was hoping you could answer a question for me. What's the deal with the dining hall food? It seemed decent when I visited, but I've heard mixed things, should I plan on brining a lot of food to make on my own?"

The dining halls are actually pretty decent, especially compared to other schools. I hardly make my own food at school, but I usually keep a bunch of snack type items. You can't really make food apart from with microwaves in the dorms, but the food really shouldn't be an issue.

The final email came from "Sarah."
"New Hampshirite, you're so funny and I can tell that you're good at sex. We should make sex acts together when school starts up again."


Fine, I will admit one of those emails was made up, but I won't say which one. For the next semester I'd like to get more reader feedback, emails, comments and that sort of stuff so please don't be shy. That is all for now, be sure to check back soon for when I finish the orientation guide.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. White rappers shouting out to their Gables apartments! The unintentional humor is great.

    In all seriousness though, that was pretty good.

  2. Thanks for the link to Corey's site! Hopefully, the wireless internet will bring us more posts from you :)