Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh my Darling!

That puck probably went 5-hole, however if it was a beer he'd have it covered up.

Maine recently announced that goalie Scott Darling will not be returning to the team following his third suspension in two seasons. Although the suspension was listed as violating the "school's code of conduct", it isn't a secret that he had several alcohol related incidences. Maine has two incoming goalies, including Martin Ouellette, who is considered a top goalie prospect. I think it is safe to say that when Maine visits the Whit this fall chants of "Where is Darling?" will be prominent. I apologize for this bad pun: Someone should have told him it's the Maine Black Bears, not the "blackouts." Although if I went to Maine, I'd probably want to be blacked out all the time too...

I'm currently compiling a list of all the hockey chants for the upcoming season. I know it is a ways off, but I can't wait for the season to start!


  1. you're not alone, this coming hockey season couldn't come soon enough

  2. you can chant "where is darling"
    but it wouldn't do you any good since you "have no hardware"

    and nobody at Maine really liked Darling anyway... Wilson was another story... and he proved why at the end of last season

  3. Never too early to start thinking about hockey season!