Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surviving UNH: An Orientation Guide to life at UNH

Note: "Surviving UNH" is intended to be like a Wikipedia page of life at UNH; feel free to submit any corrections or additional info you think I may have left out. I know this is far from perfect or complete and I want this to continue to grow over the years through the help of fellow students.

To read the entire guide, click here or the "Surviving UNH" tab at the top of the blog.

Thanks and feedback, comments, criticism is welcome!


  1. excellent. You cant find this anywhere else! this is the shit i actually want to know! The school tells me the average SAT scores, how the students are upstanding individuals and how much im going to be in debt and a bunch of other shit... but the other important stuff associated with college wasnt available. Now, not only is it available, its all in one spot and exactly what i wanted to know. I made it pretty clear what i wanna do in my email, and your helping me so much to make it happen. I have insight on how to make it happen and how not to fuck it up for myself.
    I have a year left of HS, 1 year till life begins. I got it good booze wise. theres bars i can walk into as a 17yr old and theyll serve me (on the house!) cuz i know people. jameson (in form of irish car bombs usually)/ famous grouse and sometimes bookers is on tap. Ahh how i love whiskey. but a buncha pabst will get me there too, and when everything else is taken into account... college wins hands down even with booze situation i have currently.
    So you seem to want criticism. Well, id want to know more about the women of UNH if you didnt already tell me... its as important as getting sauced. thats really all i got. Also i have a question. theres none of that "bros icing bros" shit is there? Im liable to punch someone in the mouth that dosnt care about my health enough to try and make me drink a fucking smirnoff ice.

  2. The honesty in the guide is really nice & refreshing to see :)

  3. Hey, what about places to go in neighboring towns? We pay a hefty transportation fee, so we might as well use Wildcat Transit and explore Dover/Newmarket/Portsmouth. Your UNH experience isn't complete until you've been to Dos Amigos and there is no better breakfast than at the Big Bean!

  4. Great call with the off-campus stuff... Portsmouth is a great place to spend a nice afternoon. I'll try to add that soon. Thanks.

  5. I'm going to a new school in the fall....wish my they had a guide like this :)