Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UNH Hockey Chants

Peter LeBlanc scores a game winner over Vermont. Somewhere in the crowd the New Hampshirite rejoices.

NOTE: Most of these chants are pretty generic across college hockey, but there are so many of them that I felt they should be listed for newcomers. I’m sure that there are several chants that I forgot out or misremembered so be sure to comment below and I will add or correct them. (Changes will be made to the page version. See tab at the top of the blog.)

Hockey East Team Specific Chants:
Boston University: Screw BU. Screw BU. Screw BU…
Sucks to B-U, Sucks to B-U, Sucks to B-U…
“Mad Dog” after penalties
Boston College: If you can’t get into Harvard go BC. If you can’t get into Harvard go BC. If you can’t get into Harvard ‘cause your borderline retarded, if you can’t get into Harvard go BC.
Harvard rejects!
Rough ‘em up; rough ‘em up BC Sucks! (You may substitute “fuck” for “rough”)
University of Maine: M-A-I-N-E Maaaaaaiiiiiiinnnne SUCKS!
If you can’t get into college go to Maine. If you can’t get into college go to Maine. If you can’t get into college ‘cause you lack the basic knowledge, if you can’t get into college go to Maine.
The wheels on your house go round and round, round and round, round and round…
University of Massachusetts: (all Boston area schools: Warm up yah cah!)*
UMass Lowell: Amherst rejects!
Merrimack College:*
Northeastern: “Mad dog” after penalties *
Providence: “10 Hail Mary’s” after penalties *
Vermont: Dirty Hippies…
*It's been a while, do we have specific chants for UMass, MC, NE, PC?
When an opponent receives a penalty: Skate, skate, skate… sit down bitch!
Vs teams with K9 mascot: (BU, Northeastern) Mad dog! Mad dog! Mad Dog…
Vs Catholic schools: (BC, Providence) 10 Hail Mary’s, 10 Hail Mary’s…
UNH on Penalty Kill: (call back) O-R-G-Y,  (what’s spell) orgy (what’s that mean?) Teamwork…
Two men down: (call back) C-O-N-D-O-M (what’s that mean?) defense, defense, defense
Power play: (call back) S-E-X, sex, sex, sex, (what’s that mean?) score, score, score…

Need for better offense:
 P-U-T-I-T-I-N. Put it in!
Call back: EX-LAX (what’s that mean?) Go! Go! Go...

Cowbell at start of period/following face-off after a goal: Go, Fight, Win.
Go Cat’s Go!...
Gimme a U… N…H  what’s that spell? (Uhhh) Girls only (Uhhh) Guys only (Uhhh) Let’s feel it! (UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)
Go Blue/Go White (alternating sides of the student section)’
With 1:05 left in a period: Hey, (scorekeeper-usually “John”) how much time is left? John: 1 minute left to play in the period. Crowd: Thank you! 
End of game, superfans have cue cards for 3 sections: Beat ‘em! Smash ‘em! Break his face! (x3) All sections: Rip of his arms and legs and beat him with the bloody stumps, UNH!

Opponent’s Goalie:
Referred to as a “sieve.” This will be used throughout a game, often substituted in songs played by the band. Ex: Hey (goalie name) I wanna know. Will you be my sieve?
Takes of his mask: Ugly goalie, ugly goalie, ugly goalie…
Hey (goalie name), here comes the hex, ooooohhhhhh! (2nd period is the long-distance hex).
Empty Net: Better goalie, better goalie, better goalie...
Goalie leave crease (usually for a timeout): empty net, empty net, empty net, (goalie returns) still an empty net, still an empty net, still an empty net!

UNH Goalie:
2nd period when he’s in front of the student section: Hey (name), we’re all behind you!

Poor Refereeing:
A rope. A tree. Hang the referee…
I’m blind, I’m deaf, I wanna be a ref…

End of a blowout win:
Warm up the bus… (“Yah cah” for Boston/Mass teams, plane for a distant team)
Is that not the ice down there? Yes that is the ice down there! Is that not the scoreboard there? Yes that is the scoreboard there! Is that not the winning team? Yes that in the winning team! And is that no the losing team? Yes that is the losing team! Winning team, losing team, winning team, losing team, winning team, losing team… UNH, UNH, UNH.


  1. im personally a fan of "bad dog" over "mad dog"

  2. You forgot. "If you can't get into BC go BU, if you can't get into BC go BU. If you can't get into BC cause your grades are more like feces if you can't get into BC go BU!"

    But, thanks for the entry! It's helping ease my pain of hockey season being over.

  3. Wow, pretty extensive...really like BC's chant :)

  4. My school wasn't into hockey at all....the games sound like so much fun at UNH!

  5. During lineup introductions:

    • Hands up in the air as Player #1 is introduced.
    • After announcer says name, clap once and point twice while screaming "You suck" (I've also heard people use "You stink" and "Who's that?).
    • Repeat for rest of forwards and defensemen.
    • Before goalie is even introduced, begin pointing and calling him a sieve. Keep going until it is UNH's turn for introductions.

    During UNH's introductions.
    • Cheer everybody, but usually seniors are cheered most heartily, followed by freshman starters and NH natives.
    • Bow to the goalie like he's Ali Baba.

    Also some general rules: Sing during the national anthem. Cheer any player that gets up from an injury. No sitting down during the period.

  6. mimic the stickperson that shows up on the jumbotron and throw your hands in the air and say "whoo" when it does.

  7. oh man, I forgot about the stick figure animation... I wouldn't really call that giant light-bright a 'jumbotron' but that animation is so hilariously terrible