Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So ready for UNH Hockey

By: Lady Meow

Seriously, I cannot wait! I'm armed with my jersey and heels. What more do you need besides alcohol in your system and your voice for those UNH Hockey Chants?

I'm currently creating a guide for freshman girls at UNH. Inspired by the amazing New Hampshirite. It should be up by July sometime, meanwhile, I have better things to do like enjoying the summer and having multiple orgasms.

Get psyched yo! xoxo<3

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  1. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum. i luv u ladymeow.

  2. as someone who has read all your posts, you should not be giving advice to anyone. especially freshman girls.

  3. Ditto anonymous # dos. Sorry lady, but by all means, please don't. And please, drop the whole "multiple orgasms" thing -- it's almost fossilized it's so old.

  4. hey all good guys. I've got other things in mind. and its not really a guide persay and i dont think its going to be what you expect. but youll just have to see! I have some other random posts coming in my some friends you may enjoy as well. hope summmer is going great!