Friday, August 13, 2010

UNH Ranks 371 on Forbes top American College list

Forbes Magazine recently released their annual "Best College" list and UNH was ranked number 371. To see Forbes' methodology for their ranking click here. (In brief- it involves student satisfaction, postgrad success, student debt and several other categories.) The entire list of colleges can be found here.

The 371 ranking (out of 610) is an improvement from last year's ranking of 454, which I wrote about here. This year we jumped ahead of UMass (number 402), which seems about right. UNH also ranked ahead of UMaine (467) UMass-Lowell (475) URI (477) and Northeastern (519). Northeastern's low ranking surprised me, I always thought that was supposed to be a really good school. Sounds like some people are over paying for the name on the degree. Boston College ranked #27, three spots ahead of Dartmouth, BU was somewhere in the 200's while UVM was 329.

Williams College in Massachusetts toped the list, followed by Princeton, Amherst College, West Point (last year's #1) and MIT.

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Stay classy, not UMassy.


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    Stay classy UNH