Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Union Leader knows what's up

Pop quiz: Who does the Union Leader turn to when looking for quotes for an article about partying at UNH? President Huddleston? Student President Richard Peyser? Top faculty members? Any other UNH representative, spokesman or media relations personnel? Nope. Me. That's right. The New Hampshirite. Bam. (Or at least I'm the only one who returned an email...)

The Union Leader obviously caught wind of my ground breaking journalistic work, probably through the Atlantic Wire, which also quoted me. Okay, seriously on a scale of 1 to 10, how ridiculous is it that a newspaper would quote an anonymous student blog? Like 11? I don't think it looks very good on their part. Whatever, I am pumped about it and it is pretty great publicity for the blog.

Here is the snippet of the front page article that quoted the blog:

Some students are apparently still having plenty of fun.
A blogger at UNH Blog, which is not affiliated with the school, still knows how to party.
"I know that I have fun when I go out at night, and that is all that really matters," a blogger posted. "We don't need outsiders ranking our parties, because we know that they are awesome and plentiful. Plus, we got lots of beer. That should be one of our tag lines."

That is right! According to the Union Leader, I still know how to party! Suck it! I'm not going to lie, the only way this could have been better would have been if the UNH spokesman returned the writer's calls so I could have been quoted in the same piece as them. Kind of lazy, and shoddy, journalism to just rely on an anonymous blogger, but it is awesome for us. But I think it also makes it that much more hilarious. He actually wanted to interview me, but we just exchanged a few emails anyway and he just took what I had wrote on the blog from Monday.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. that is pretty funny... but definitely bad on the union leader... at least you took advantage of that.

  2. Pretty ridiculous, but very flattering to be quoted - congrats!