Friday, August 20, 2010

Almost there... and a few announcements

We're so close to the start of school I can already taste DHop. In one week students will once again flood the streets of Dirty Durham and the 2010-11 school year will be under way and I can't wait. Over the past few days the blog hits have began to climb, which is a great sign, and I have even started my first TNH column of the year. It is for the freshman issue and obviously directed towards the incoming class. The column is basically a few tips about college life, kind of a super flash glimpse of all the tips I have provided here and there. So hopefully that will help out a few freshman at least, especially those nervous about starting their college career.

I have a few plans for the blog this year, new reoccurring posts and themes, more "hands on" writing and hopefully a few "behind the scenes" type pieces, but I can't say too much until I know I can go through with them. We are going to continue to try and expand the blog and our impact and voice on campus. That being said:

 ATTENTION UNH student orgs: If you have any events that you would like me to preview or help promote, (or live blog? hmm?) please email me at One of the things I hope to improve upon is reflecting the student voice and student unity. (Don't worry, there will still be plenty of alcohol and drug induced stories and posts throughout the year... maybe even more.)

If you haven't noticed, another blogger joined on: "UNH-Hi-Lites," who used to run the blog of the same name for a few months a while back. He is a student known for having great stories and a strong opinion on campus happenings, so we are very glad to have him aboard.

Finally, a textbook plug, just because I would like to clarify how that all works for those who haven't kept up over the summer. The blog now has a partnership with campusbooks, which is basically a search for finding the cheapest textbooks possible online. Via the blog "bookstore" tab or the side bar simply enter the book's info right here on the blog (ISBN code being the most direct) and it will present you with a list of options including amazon, and dozens of others. Select the book you want and purchase. You will save money and we will make a few cents off it. (Seriously, we only get a few cents per order.)  I have decided to use any money off that to either make t-shirts or throw a blog party at the end of the year. (Readers would be invited via facebook to keep it on the down low). It is really easy, you save money and help us. For example I ordered my books and spent $140 (including shipping!) I would have spent around $300-350 at the UNH stores. LadyMeow spent around $300 instead of $600 and a reader tweeted me saying she spent $190 instead of $746! As you can see you really will save money.

Enjoy your final week off and good luck this year.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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