Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beer Olympics Recap

Well I'm just wrapping up a pretty awesome weekend and I have been trying to stay away from so many drinking and party posts and get a little serious, but I still got to stick to my roots. The other night was possibly one of the best I've had during my time at UNH. Our youngest roommate turned 21 on Friday and to celebrate we hosted a Beer Olympics. It's something we've all wanted to do for a while, but we never did. We planned it all out for a while, sent out facebook invites and made the brackets. We planned on having three games with 16 teams, each consisting of a guy and a girl who pick a country to represent and dress up as. We ended up with 17 teams, but we solved the matchup problem by randomly making two play a "play-in" game before starting the tournaments. We settled on Beirut, Beer Dodge and survival flip cup as the three games. However, we never got to flip cup and the Beirut tournament ended in the final four, but that didn't matter because everyone had a great time. We had around 35 people in our Gables apartment and never even had a courtesy knock. It was pretty amazing. Everyone had unbelievable costumes, but the best was the birthday boy who represented Vatican City with a pope costume topped off with a pope hat made out of a PBR 30 box.

My partner and I represented Team Romania (so we could dress up as Gypsies.) We have been friends for a while and entered the night expecting to make some noise in the Beirut tournament, but had zero expectations for the other games. We both are pretty good at beirut and can handle our beer quite well. However, it wasn't our night on the ruit table. We lost in the first round to one of my roommates whose partner started off hitting her first 6 cups. That didn't matter to us though because we would go on to win the gold medal in Beer Dodge, the one tournament that we actually completed. On our path to glory we took out Burkina Faso, Scotland (a huge upset over my roommate who is the Randy Johnson of Beer Dodge) and Kenya. In the finals we were matched up against Cuba, who stormed through their side of the bracket. But those commies couldn't handle the power of the gypsies. It was a back and forth game and both teams only had one can left. The next hit for either team would have ended the game if the ball wasn't immediately retrieved and it was my turn to throw. My partner was ready to drink and I nailed the top of the can, the ball took off straight up in the air with an amazing airtime. They caught it and slammed it down, but it was too late, my partner had finished her beer and the Gypsies were Olympic Beer dodge champions. I spent the rest of the night wearing my Gogol Bordello Gypsy flag around my back and I am considering making myself a gold medal.

If you have never done a Beer Olympics you have to add it to your UNH graduation bucket list. It was easily the best party we've ever hosted and I can honestly say that everyone there had a blast.

Lastly, I am asking for readers to submit their best planking pictures around the UNH campus. I already had another one sent in and if I get some more I'll start posting a few at a time. You can email them to me ( or send them via twitter or facebook. If you want I can blur out faces if that's something you care about. Yesterday's will be hard to beat, so be creative. I'll try to post some of my or my roommates too. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Is this Gogol Bordello guy supposed to be real music?

  2. Yah, New Hampshire Guy r u for realz?! U should totally have posted something by Ke$ha to wrap up an article about an AMAZING party. The mustache guy sings about like history class or something. Gross.

    @11:30 anonymous (since you probably don't get that this has really directed at you) Yes, Gogol Bordello is real music. They make it with real live instruments and everything! OMG, and this is the BEST part, they EVEN have a tour bus!!!

  3. Brass Monkey,

    I'm laughing at the fact you have no idea what music I actually listen to.

    He sounds like Borat, just sayin'

  4. I'm laughing at the fact that brass monkey's comment slayed you. Just sayin'

  5. I'm laughing at your purely meaningless post.

    Just sayin'

  6. Ke$ha is the songbird of our generation.