Friday, October 7, 2011

Fire at North Tower

Earlier today a fire was started in the Gables North Tower, where I happen to live. From what I was able to observe and gather, in a sixth floor apartment a girl had incense burning. Apparently she thought it was out and threw it in her desk where it caught papers on fire. It must have spread pretty quickly because a ladder truck was used to access the room and possibly to get the residents out of the building.

Oh yeah, the girl with the incense had already been written up by fire safety a few days ago.

Only that one apartment had fire damage, but the room below it had water damage. Five towns responded with fire trucks including Durham, Lee, Dover, Newmarket and Exeter.

No one was injured, although there were paramedics on scene. Residents were kept out of the building for at least an hour before being allowed to return to their rooms.

There is a reason why we're not supposed to have incense and luckily no one was injured because of that apartment's ignorance and carelessness.

That is all I know for now, here are a few pictures I snagged with my really crappy camera phone:

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