Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Infamous Mast Road Cat Stolen

If you or one of your friends parks a car in Mast Lot then you have probably met the Mast Road cat. It is probably one of the friendliest cats in the world and follows students up and down Mast Road by the UNH Equine center. According the the message I got on facebook he was last seen crossing the Dairy Bar bridge headed into campus, in the arms of two girls. He is wearing a blue collar with a bell on it. The UNH Equine Facility and his owners greatly miss him. So two girls apparently stole one of the few cats I actually like. I'm a dog person, I love dogs. Cats are creepy, but not this one. So if you know anything please call one of the numbers above. And if you're one of the thieves then you should be a ashamed. Seriously, who steals a cat?

Update: He was reportedly seen in the SERC area over the weekend.
Update 2 (Wednesday morning) The cat has been found and returned. Nice job people.


  1. Cats are creepy, bit not this one. but*

    please call on of the num one*

    dogs > cats.

  2. I know this cat. It must be found!

  3. Us equine majors call him Happy Cat (Real name Pax) and he truly is the best cat ever!...and I also hate cats. Seriously, 99% of them are angry and crap anywhere they please, but Happy Cat is always glad to see you!

  4. Oh man, I didn't know he had a name. When I walked to Mast Lot last year, it was very exciting to see that cat and pet him. I'm glad he was returned.