Monday, October 31, 2011

Hallowcoming: In Review

Well that was one quite interesting weekend to say the least. Two awesome hockey games, one great football (although I never did leave the tailgate area... whoops) reuniting with old friends, awesome costumes and parties and helluva lot of alcohol. (Helluva. See what I did there?)

In preparation for the weekend I purchased some moonshine. I really don't feel I need to elaborate on that statement. Moonshine. Use your imagination.

Anyways, it was awesome to see the hockey team rebound with two awesome wins. I tweeted this the other night, but, I have been going to UNH games since 1999 (all hail Jason Krog, Ty Conklin and Darren Haydar) and the Northeastern game will go down as one of the most memorable games I've ever attended. It will be up there with the first game I attended, a 9-4 trouncing of Providence featuring a multi-goal game from Hobey Baker winner Jason Krog, the 5-5 tie against Miami a few years ago that featured a 9 goal second period and last year's Maine game where Paul Thompson netted the winner with 17 seconds left after Maine's Gustav Nyquist dodged a diving DiGi and missed an empty net.

 The other night wasn't a super close game, a big upset or a last second thriller, but everything that happened made it one to remember. UNH jumps out, the crowd - although it was smaller than usual- was loud and then Northeastern made it interesting. It was 3-2 with about 18 minutes left when the lights went out in the Whit for a third time. Most of the crowd left, but the majority of the student section remained. After 47 minutes of delays (which was 15 minutes longer than how fast the Maine tickets sold out today) the game resumed. The only thing was Northeastern never showed up after the power resumed and UNH netted three more goals to finish the game off with a 5-2 win. Being in the student section for that game was a great experience and it was nice to see so many students stay. I know (via twitter) the players really appreciate it and they were also excited to see how fast tickets went for next weekend. Hopefully next weekend will feature some great games too... oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the huge 2-1 upset of Union the night before for the first win of the year.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. There are reports that Northeastern's trip to the locker room during the last power outage during the 3rd period was so their pizza order wouldn't get cold.