Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When skipping classes is okay...

So today I thought of how whenever I have one class canceled it instantly makes me about 90 times more likely to skip my other classes that day. I then began thinking of a post, "when it's okay to skip"and began making a list thinking of it as a meme. I didn't feel like making a bunch of memes, so I just made the first one. I also didn't feel like finding the perfect picture for it so I just used the classic John Belushi image. In short, I am very lazy.

Anyways, here is my remaining list of when it is okay to skip classes. Feel free to comment all the ones I forgot...
  • Have an exam in afternoon, skip morning class to study sleep in.
  • Have an exam in the morning. Skip afternoon class to reward yourself for doing well drink sorrows away.
  • Raining.
  • Snowing.
  • Too cold.
  • Too hot.
  • Too humid.
  • Professor doesn't take attendence.
  • "He'll never give us a pop quiz two classes in a row..."
  • Too hungover.
  • Still drunk.
  • Bed is too comfortable.
  • "It's only a level 400"
  • It is a Friday...
  • According to the syllabus, we're watching a documentary.
  • Only two levels left...
  • History class? That's why we have the History Channel. Ancient Aliens marathon. Sweet.
  • Environmental Conservation? Gets high and watches Planet Earth.
  • Poly Sci? I watch the Daily Show every night!
  • Intro to Music? I love music. (Turns up Ke$ha).
Stay classy, not UMassy


    1. Could someone explain what the hell a meme is? Because to me, its just a picture with words on it...

    2. "Wednesday's are weird"

    3. You missed.. "I have a blog to post." And also, "There's a fire in my Gables apartment."

    4. its my senior year

    5. anonymous 1: that's all they really are... if you use stumbleupon you see them all the time.

      All great suggestions.

      And I forgot one of my favorites: It's nice out and Ballard's patio is open.

    6. "i slept with the kid i always eye fuck in my MWF classes last night and then kicked him out, don't feel like the awkward conversation" skip

    7. Ballards Patio @ 12:30 or so when class gets out early? whaT?