Monday, February 15, 2010

Unrecognized Greek Orgs hit below the belt

Adam McCready, the coordinator of Greek life at UNH, is at it again.  Please be aware that I am NOT apart of any Greek organization, but I do support them because a strong Greek system is essential for a university. Once again McCready has tried to trash on unrecognized fraternities and sororities by discouraging students from joining one. I kind of see where he is coming from, he only wants students to support UNH recognized organizations, but he is only making himself out to be a villain. I have said this before, but I think he should spend less of his time, and energy, keeping unrecognized frats unrecognized. He should be trying to help these unrecognized organizations regain their status. I believe the more variety the better. Competition is what makes things better. The following poster can be seen around campus buildings and dorms. (They were sent in by a reader so props for that!)

Earlier this year there was a big controversy when McCready referred to unrecognized fraternities, specifically Phi Kappa Theta, a fraternity which is still recognized by it's national headquarters, as  "social drinking groups." That quote angered brothers and supporters who claim they still host fundraising events like every other Greek organization. I always thought the head of Greek life was supposed to support and guide the organizations, not brush them under the rug. Yes, they are not recognized by the school and therefore he doesn't control them, but that also doesn't mean that he should make them look bad. A lot of those organizations on the poster do everything else that recognized organizations do and it still looks the same on a resume.  I think that UNH (McCready) and the IFC should support any Greek organization that is willing to do good in the community. A Greek advisor is not doing a good job if he lets recognized houses fall apart because he is too busy wasting his time with unrecognized houses. I'm not saying that fraternities shouldn't be punished, I think a few years probation is understandable. I don't think that current or future members should be punished for something that happened when they were in middle school. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

PS: I've heard rumors that McCready was arrested a few years ago for supplying alcohol to his younger brother or he was at a party and he was 21 with minors or something like that. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?


  1. i see where he is coming from and it is his position to warn about which frats are unrecognized, but his priorities are all f*cked up, it seems that if he had his way, there would be no frats at all on campus, somebody who is quoted as saying that frats are *only* social drinking groups should not be the person in charge of greek life, it seems as if he is out to get every frat, he should be spending more time promoting greek life and attempting to get more diversity and greek options on campus

  2. It would seem to me that commenter #1 misread this blog post. McCready called *unrecognized* Greek organizations "social drinking groups" and said that specifically in reference to PKT. I doubt he's out to destroy all Greek organizations on campus considering he was appointed the head of Greek Life. Throw the guy a bone here; he can't support unrecognized orgs as a employee of a university that doesn't support them. And furthermore, no university--not just UNH--would allow these groups in just to 'diversify' the Greek options on campus...what a stupid suggestion.

  3. How about this alternative theory...

    By trying to dissuade people from unrecognized frats, McCready is actually helping the recognized Greek community get stronger.

    Greek Life is a business, and among all their lofty goals of brotherhood and building better men and women, is also the goal of making money. the recognized fraternities and sororities are a corporation that work together to attract more members. Even if they do compete amongst themselves, they still have a combined financial support system.

    Unrecognized groups, even if they do good deeds and are exemplary citizens, are competition to UNH Greek Life. It wouldn't make sense for McCready to support PKT because every member they gain is one UNH loses. It would make most sense to bring a good, popular frat into the UNH fold, but I'm guessing PKT either isn't interested or the university's decision from when they were kicked out in 2003 (before McCready) is irreversible.

    Some people don't like McCready because a lot of groups have been put on probation and suspended since he arrived. The way I see it, he's been cutting out the groups that are bad for business. Frats that get raided by the feds and reported for hazing do not make good PR, and could affect enrollment numbers. Parents don't want their kids going to schools where that stuff happens (and yes, parents are the major factor of deciding where someone goes to college). Fewer students means fewer potential new members mean less money for everybody. UNH tries to lose the party school image for the same reason. While partying and drinking may be sources of pride for students, they're not necessarily good for business.

    It's not Adam's job to support ALL Greek Life, it's to support UNH Greek Life. No one's really being punished, it's just business. If one group feels that they're being unfairly represented by another, they have the power to do what every business in the world does: sue.

    (Sorry for the long post. This is one of my favorite arguments. I never really understood people's beef with McCready.)

  4. John, I completely see where you are coming from and I actually almost took that point of view with the post.

    I know a lot of people blame him for frats getting in trouble, which is ridiculous. If they didn't break the rules they wouldn't get in trouble. But, I just think he should encourage those orgs listed above to regain their status within the University.

    Maybe he has and maybe that isn't part of his job. Even though they are unrecognized by UNH I think it makes the whole Greek system look bad. I think a lot of people already have negative connotations about Greek life and a stronger system with more recognized orgs that get along with each other would be the best outcome. I'm just not sure how possible that is right now.

  5. Great points. Re: the possibility of reinstatement, I think it's minuscule. The first four frats on that sheet have all been put on the permanently suspended list, which sounds pretty irreversible. I haven't heard of him being an impediment to new frats colonizing or joining Greek Life, so maybe those groups could do something that way.