Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drink Of The Week: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Sailor Jerry's is my new favorite reasonably priced rum. By a long shot. I had it for the first time last weekend and I achieved great levels of drunkenness. I can't believe I had missed out on Sailor Jerry for so long. At about $18 a bottle (750 ml) it is a few dollars cheaper than Captain Morgan's or Bacardi. And it comes in a way cooler bottle. The original Sailor Jerry was considered the father of old school tattooing and if there was ever a man to name rum after it was him. Total Badass. Sailor Jerry's is 92 proof, or 46% alcohol, so it is also stronger than your average rum. However, that doesn't show in the taste. With any alcohol you get that little after burn, but unlike most cheap alcohol Sailor Jerry delivers some nice flavor with it. Whether you like to take shots or mix your rum with some coke, Sailor Jerry's is the way to go.

This is some legitimate rum here, I'm not talking about Malibu or Parrot Bay, this stuff is what pirates would drink. Why is the rum gone you ask? Because it was so good I drank it all. Strong, smooth, and a little spiced. Mmm! Another good thing about this rum is that it didn't come with a terrible hangover that I kind of expected after a night of drinking 92 proof rum. Since it doesn't taste like acid dog pee your drunkitude might take you by surprise when you stand up, so make sure you got your sea legs before you trek to DHop.There is also a good chance you'll end up on the floor a drink or two earlier than usual because that extra 12 proof (compared to the average hard alcohol drink) doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. If you're not careful it can kick your ass, but I think everyone is in need of a good ass kicking once and a while. It doesn't taste overly sweet and the best part is it doesn't have that gross cocoanut rum taste like "chick" rums do. I was mixing it pretty strong with some diet coke and I loved the taste, but I'll admit it got better as the night went on. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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