Friday, February 12, 2010

A Message from Gnarlz

After last night's basketball game, where UNH beat Binghamton, I got a facebook message from Gnarlz that read "I think you should write a story about the students that came to Lundholm Gym tonight and took their free t-shirt at 6:30 pm and left the Field House before the team even came up for warm-ups. Wow. Thought our students were better than that." The is one of the worst things I have ever read. Talk about being disrespectful to the team. People who did that don't deserve to wear UNH colors and they also missed out on a great game. I mean that is like BC Superfraud low. In a follow up message Gnarlz wrote "Next Wednesday is WHITE OUT LUNDY and we need all of our students to come out, wear their white, and help us BEAT MAINE. GO 'CATS!" Now, I've never really been sure what to think of Gnarlz, I mean he is like the combination of  Jose Canseco  and the Phillie Phanatic. And he kind of looks like a shark. He also refused to answer some interview questions for me, probably because I enquired about his use of steroids and his connections to Tiger Woods.
Seriously, we know your on the Juice. Just come clean.

All allegations aside Gnarlz is the best mascot in Hockey and and America East. No other mascot comes close in ferocity and passion. 

Also, I just got a chicken burrito from the new taco truck on campus. It was very delicious and today only you get a free monster with a burrito. The burrito was much bigger than I expected and everything in it was very fresh. The lettuce and tomatoes still had that little fresh crisp and it didn't get soggy or gross. The chicken was hot and it had a little spice to it, but you can also get hot sauce if you like. I talked with the guy for a few minutes and he's really hoping that word of mouth will help promote their services around campus. He is currently only here during the weekdays, but if the sales go well he will be able to come on weekends and stay later for nights. I told him he would do great with the late night crowd and that Kurt's (where the hell has Kurt been anyways?) and DHOP could use some competition. I would highly recommend checking out Irie Taco if you get a chance. Have a good weekend all.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Kurt's a snowbird. He usually comes back around spring break.

  2. I noticed that too. I was at the game last night. Some UNH students are fucking scumbags. They don't deserve to wear that shirt. I will probably bitch out anyone I see wearing that shirt because they were scumbags