Monday, February 8, 2010

Chatroulette is awesome

Over the weekend I discovered the greatest thing ever, Chatroulette. I guess it has been blowing up lately and fucking with people on it is awesome. It is basically a video/audio chat but it is random and you can next people. A few friends and I were on it the other day and to put it simply, it is amazing, especially when you are drunk. And its even better if you're baked. I have a program where I can change my webcam so I have a goofy background or like a cat face and some other crazy shit and people's reactions are priceless. Last night I had on the cat face and underneath I wrote "You must be trippin'" and the dude freaked out and then held up a massive bong. The only thing is once and a while you see some fucked up shit that may or may not haunt you forever. 

In other news that kid who made the "Party at UNH" is at it again. This time it is an original and plans on releasing his album for free download in March. I got an email explaining how "Valhalla" writes, makes his own beats and records all his stuff in his dorm room. A while ago I tried starting a band with William Takefield, him on the guitar and me on my macbook garage band. It was so fucking hard even when we was sober that we gave up. So whether you like it or not you should give this kid some respect because making beats it way hard than you would think. I don't know this kid, but I have met other kid, Evin, who guest sings on this track and he was pretty chill, so I figured why not give them some publicity. Plus they contacted me so they obviously know this is the place to go for students to get the word out. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Getting a girl to show you her boobs on Chatroulette is the most rewarding thing ever.