Friday, February 19, 2010

The Vicious Cycle known as College

Unless you are a lucky bastard who doesn't have Friday classes there is not a better feeling than finishing up you last class before the weekend. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that all your hard work from the week will be paid off with some good relaxation... or getting extremely drunk at a party, blacking out in the street, coming to while biting into a piece of pizza at DHop and eventually passing out... hopefully in your own bed. Both of those are great, and surprisingly respectable ways, to spend your weekend. (At least in my opinion.) Then of course procrastinating on your homework until 7PM Sunday so you are up until 3 AM Monday and thus the entire vicious cycle of the college life continues. This is why so many college students rely on coffee, Red Bull, and Nyquil during the week... and more Red Bull and alcohol on the weekends. Although if you were a true college student alcohol would be apart of the entire week. The combination of energy drinks and alcohol always makes me laugh, kind of like when I get a salad at HoCo and slather it in bacon ranch dressing. I think I'm being healthy but deep down I know the bacon ranch negates the salad. But what am I supposed to do? Go to the gym? Ha! Somehow I have never gained any weight during my time at UNH. Sure, most you would say well with all that crack you smoke I'm surprised you haven't died yet. Well, I guess I'm just a miracle of nature. (In case my parents started reading the blog: I don't smoke crack...ever... anymore...)

This is just the basic routine that we all go through. Of course everyone's is different with unique variations, but it is pretty simple. Sleep, food, class, homework, fun. For some of us fun is going to a game or playing video games or watching a movie and others define fun as waking up with no memory of the last 12 hours. Well, that precise moment isn't fun, but you can at least assume that you had a little fun during that window of time that seemed to have vanished.

Speaking of having fun and partying... "dancing" to hip-hop in a dirty Durham basement can be a blast but I feel gets a little repetitive. Every fucking weekend I hear the same old songs by the same performers. How about a little variation UNH? I think it is necessary to mix in a little rock now and again and just get really trashed and belligerent. Because deep down we all wish we were rock stars and if you don't then I don't know how to react.  For example, watch this youtube video. I have seen this band several times and they are absolutely amazing live, but their music is very diverse and different, so they can take a little getting used to. But at every performance they have fun and so does the crowd. They always win over the crowd fast and it is enjoyable to bring people who don't like their albums to a live show, because they'll turn into a huge fan. I've seen it happen a few times. It is a true party like atmosphere every time they take the stage.

Plus how many bands are there with an electric fiddler and accordion player from Russia with two Asian percussionist-dancers, an Ethiopian bassist, an Israeli guitarist and an American drummer lead by a crazy Ukrainian singer who was also a Chernobyl refugee? Those combinations bring out the true musicianship and soul in a performance. Fuck Ke$ha.

Stay Classy, not UMassy.
(yes, that is from UMass via the Stool)

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  1. You sir, speak wise words of profound truth here. I quickly grew bored with the party scene because as you so eloquently stated (for real man, you have a nice way of telling it like it is) "dancing" to hip-hop in a dirty Durham basement can be a blast but I feel gets a little repetitive.

    I would love to hear some good resounding rock, or maybe even something a little off the beaten path, like Flogging Molly, or the Dropkick Murphys (both of which are excellent to listen to when becoming severely incapacitated, though things frequently get rowdy....)

    Also, if your into music that is off the beaten path slightly, i recommend checking out a "local" band call Jamantics, great bunch of local boys who frequently play at Fury's Publik House here in Dover, or the Barley Pub in concord.

    The fiddle player is a guy I went to high-school with, and I can say with 100% certainty, knows how to play, and how to have a damned good time.

    Worth checking out if you dig the genre.

    Heres to music involving more than a synth, diva or singer, and a pulsing dance beat.