Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Updates

Okay before I start this, how many of you laughed out loud when you saw that facebook group about SCOPE getting Kid Rock only to be secretly depressed when you found out it was fake? Come on, Bawitdaba was my jam in 5th grade.

So earlier today I was sitting in about a 200 person lecture and two things really jumped out at me. The first thing is that there aren't any lefty desks in that lecture hall and it is a pain to take notes. As a lefty I have noticed there are very few classrooms on campus which have a sufficient supply of lefty desks. The second thing I noticed it that why do some professors try and create discussions in huge lecture classes. I have a theory that only douchebags speak out in a 200+ person lecture, unless they are just asking for something to be repeated. No one has ever proved that theory wrong, especially the kids who speak out in any lecture I have ever been in.

I was unable to attend Saturday night's hockey game but thanks to an awesome reader I can still give out the Vaive-Hack-Douche award. It is the first ever two time winner, with referee Scott Hanson getting the award for his "tinted shield and bullshit calls" as it was so eloquently put by blog reader Joe.

Here are a few of my favorite "Overheard at UNH" from the weekend:
Drunk male, dorm hallway- "I can't see my nose... My feet are on backwards."
Drunk female, DHOP- "Yeah, I'm so drunk and I just snorted some perks."
Drunk male, bathroom urinal- "When your drunk, does alcohol stay in your pee? Cause I think I thought of a way to save some money."

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. its funny, when i first saw it, there were 43 "idiots" who were attending and SCOPE had written on the wall that it was a fake.

    now there are 162 "idiots" attending, ppl can be so stupid and now pay attention. Shows you that lack of awareness ppl have on this campus

  2. See I always thought the worst people in the lecture classes were the ones who kept asking for the prof to slow down so they can copy EVERY SINGLE WORD from the slide show. Never mind that the slides were (a) all on Blackboard, (b) copied directly from the textbook or (c) not required to pass the tests, goddammit, they were going to write an entire textbook about that Gen Ed class.

    Learn shorthand dumbasses.

    (By comparison, I spent most of my senior year taking all my notes in reporters' notebooks, without switching between subjects

  3. ...162 people actually supported kid rock?
    I agree, a discussion in a lecture isn't worth it, unless it's some ridiculous class like 'human sexuality' and you get some fools who say the funnnniest shit

    ex from a human sex class at maine:
    someone asks 'how do you know when a girl is having her period'
    and another student responds 'okay, so you're going to town on her right? and you see a pinkish red hue fluid...'