Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dining Starts Smear Campaign

With just a few hours left before the Student Body Presidential polls close, dining has started a smear campaign. Despite only beginning my run a few hours earlier, they obviously feared my campaign promise to protest for lower meal plan prices. I sent them a friendly tweet first and they fired back. See for yourself:

Then a few of my followers took my side:

Updated with more support:

Update part II: Even more!

Update III: This could go all night!

Part IV- Last one of the night, for good measure:

We are now less than two hours from the polls closing. UNH, make your vote count by actually voting! Ask not what this school can do for you, but what you can do for this school! We will bring the Black Bears to justice; or we will bring justice to the Black Bears. Either way, fuck Maine! We have nothing to fear, but fear itself... well that and mono. The other candidates are the reason the hockey team always loses in the playoffs! Vote New Hampshirite!

Stay classy, not UMassy!


  1. Somebody is going to get fired for those tweets!!! New Hampshirite for the win!

  2. this makes me hate dining... even more

  3. New Hampshirite = winning

  4. wtf dining?

    is this real life?

  5. this is what Kenny Mayne would refer to as 'droppin' Twitter Bombs'

    i'm going to get on twitter now and start tweeting your dining, huddleston and anyone else i can find unh related and tell them to fix this

  6. im going to leave them a nice napkin note. you've been warned dining.

  7. Would this be a good time to tell them that I faked it when I wrote that public apology to them last year?

  8. in all seriousness you need to find out of this is a legit account and if it is there needs to be some action...