Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Thursday

So, I just got back from Beat the Clock at Ballards and I am only blogging because I promised earlier that I would when I got back. Therefore, if any of this makes sense, than I am much better off than I expected/thank God for spell/grammar check. A few thoughts that arose: You are not a man until you like whiskey (cough Cabinet Kid cough) and you are not a real man until you enjoy scotch (cough twitter follower). Let me get you caught up on today. This morning one of my roommates got up early to take the GRE's in Portsmouth. Another one got up to find out that he almost peed on the stereo last night. Guess which one I hung out with... actually kind of neither... let's say I was in between those two... I'll tell ya'... Wednesdays.. oh man. But now it is Thursday and I got to go, this is the danger of running a blog and being a college student. New Hampshirite out. 

Here's a picture that I may or may not take down tomorrow. 

Stay classy, not UMassy


  1. You don't even need spell check when drunk. Just close one eye and you're fine.

  2. love the vaporizer pic man

  3. i just let my iPhone do everything for me - it attends class while i stay home and drink - who do you think is posting this comment...

  4. ^ no way! you have the GO TO CLASS app? sweet!

    (which is an awesome idea for a post..."(fake) Things my iPhone does for me"...oh man, you should actually have a recurring theme, kind of like a photo caption contest but better, where people get to comment like that...) This could be the first one!