Monday, April 18, 2011

A Look into the New Hampshirite's Family

I realize that I have been writing this blog for over two years now and while I have always kept UNH as my main focus it definitely has a personal twist to it. While I admit to my immature, sensationalist and bias viewpoints, I really haven't said much about my personal life. Here's the basics. I have have three older brothers, two of whom are UNH graduates, one teaches high school english and the other works for EBSCO. If you've ever down research with the library databases you should know all about them. My third brother (the one closest to me in age) studied cinematography in San Francisco, where he lives, and recently got a contract for a movie script. I very recently became an uncle and my parents are great, the first time my dad read the blog, his only remark was over "Stay classy, not UMassy." He went to UMass-Stockbridge (on the Amherst campus). They check this out once in a while and sometimes will send a comment along. Here's the latest gem from Momma New Hampshirite that came at the bottom of an email about getting together for Easter next weekend:

PS Read a little of your blog with dad and noticed the "f" word a little more than I'd said it's my fault--I taught you it. My bad!

I'm glad to know that it is my cursing that bothers my mom and not, well you know, the constant posts about binge drinking, tips for avoiding arrests and other questionable content. Well mom, I know you asked me to never write about you, but if you're reading this, I will try to cut back on my blog cursing. A little. Sometimes it's necessary for emphasis.

It reminds me of that scene in Angels in the Outfield (90s movie reference!) where Danny Glover screams at the team to "keep the profanity down." Speaking of that movie, have you ever scene Angels in the Endzone? Totally unrealistic garbage. Doesn't live up to the greatness of the original.

Anyways, here is the back story of how she taught me the "F" word. It was the morning that we were taking a family road trip to Toronto over summer vacation. I was 11 at the time (and very well aware of the "F" word at that point in my life, but still)... anyways, my mom is cleaning like crazy and while she's vacuuming she knock over a pair of boots, which in turn knocked over the entire shoe rack in the kitchen closet. My mom then, very loudly and unaware of my presence proclaims "Fuckin' boots!" Needless to say I jokingly brought it up about an hour into the trip and she apologized. It's not our best family car trip story, that one involves one of my brothers (accidentally) drinking my pee out of a 10-K bottle (90s product placement!)

Stay classy, not UMassy.