Friday, April 15, 2011

It's that time of year again...

So I'm pretty much had my luckiest/epicsauce start to a day ever. Get this. I go to class at 12 and then decided to grab a beer with my roommate at Ballards. After the beer  (which promptly turned into a beer and a pitcher) we went to grab food at Stillings. We walked in at 1:55, not realizing that they close at 2. Great timing. Then on our way back to the Gables we timed the bus perfectly at the Whit. When we got back to the apartment two roommates had just woken up. One called us champions and said he was proud to be our roommate. I just realized that I live a pretty sad life if going to the bar at 1, eating at a dining hall and catching a bus makes a great day. But hey, like the movie Zombieland, you got to enjoy the little things. The bar, dining hall food and the bus are my Twinkies.

The message I'm saying is that we all need to enjoy and appreciate the little things. It's getting to that stressful time of the year so don't forget to reward yourselves once and a while or you're gonna freak. Kick back and have fun. Have a great weekend.

It's starting to get warm out; you know what that means! Cue the drunken singalongs to "Wagon Wheel."
Caught a trucker outta Philly...


  1. im looking at you "once and a while" (once in a while)

  2. Big Time Timmy-JimApril 15, 2011 at 9:22 PM

    but awesome blog, keep it up brosef stalin!

  3. If this comment doesn't ready the comment board, I call it censorship.

    you better not censor me.

  4. Im Glad to see someone appreciates good music around here. i see OCMS every chance i get