Thursday, April 14, 2011

The SBP results are in...

The Student Body President and Student Board Representatives results are in... drum roll please...

With 931 votes the ticket of Andrew Coukos and Jessica Fruchtman took the election. They beat out Rob Wilson and Kehan Connors, who had 841 votes, and Kaitlin Scheerhorn and Timothy Mitsopoulos who finished with 242 votes, respectively. (Now I just need to figure out which team has connections to, and/or paid off UNH Dining to release those statements about me. Dirty politics make me sick.)

As for me, I finished with 10 votes for President and another five for Student Board Representative. Considering I announced my candidacy about four hours before polls closed, I'll gladly take the votes. Thanks to anyone who voted for me, but since I didn't win I won't buy you beer. I'm a true politician, already breaking my first campaign promises.

My fellow candidates ran a clean and competitive campaign and I would like to congratulate them all, especially the winners Andrew Coukos and Jessica Fruchtman. Hopefully they prove me wrong and really do make a difference on campus.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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