Wednesday, April 27, 2011

UNH's Evin Baird Trio Releases EP

So UNH music has been coming out of the woodwork recently, but one band has been around campus for three years now. They are known as The Evin Baird Trio and chances are you've heard of them or seen them around campus. The Trio has just released a new EP and they emailed me asking for a small review or shout out. Seeing that Evin, who plays guitar and sings, was once my RA and he never busted me or my buddies I figured they deserved a shout out for that reason alone. Evin's band mates are also UNH students, drummer Dave Leblanc and bassist Nick Wisse who may be better known as "Valhalla" or the kid that made "Party at UNH."

Their EP shows some variety ranging from poppy acoustic ballads to electric jams. In the email they explained that they recorded a lot of it in small living rooms and often had drunk kids wandering into their apartment during practice sessions. Be sure to check them out if your into some easy listening music and looking to support some kids who clearly put the time into finding their musical style. This isn't just some kid with a basic garage band beat and a terrible rap flow, they're an actual band playing their instruments with soul and that alone is nice to see coming from a college band.

Their facebook profile reads as:

Evin Baird Trio was formed in the spring of 2009. After playing in a band together in highschool, Evin and Dave migrated to UNH where they met bass player Nick Wisse. Evin and Nick were in the same freshman English class and shared a few open mic stages before becoming a power trio with Dave. EBT has performed around the seacoast area for the last 3 years and just released their debut EP.

They live together in the most piece of shit, overpriced apartment in Durham, where they love playing loud music, hosting underground jello wrestling tournaments, and doing pretty much whatever the the fuck else they feel like doing. They like to play music because they're convinced it makes them better-looking and because they are deep, sensitive, individuals who need to express themselves.

You can check out the album and name your own price on their Band Camp page, or on Itunes, or at the very least check out their facebook page. They have a few videos up on Youtube as well. They will be playing at the Battle of the Bands Friday night and at the May Day carnival on Saturday.

In other UNH music news, friend of the blog John That will be playing at the Knot Friday night at 9:30. I'll most likely be there and you should to.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Hey thanks New Hampshirite, we're huge fans of the blog! here is the album version of the song playing above, much better quality

  2. No Problem... I enjoyed the version with the make shift drum set up, haha. Nice job guys, keep it up.

  3. WILLIAMSON 4 represent!