Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Thoughts

Last night I discovered something. Being 21 at college is like being in an elite club in the real world. Think about it, you stroll into a bar late at night on campus, flash your ID and they let you in. You know that everyone in there is at least 21 (except those with fakes and there are some really good fakes around campus right now). It is like the "high class" society of a college campus, but by high class I mean kids drinking as many Old Crow Whiskey and Cokes until the special runs out, grabbing pizza at DHOP and then puking in the ally behind DHOP. (Note: I have never puked in public at UNH or anywhere... although I did puke in a Diner's restroom when I went to New York City last fall. I guess that counts as public.)

In one of my classes last week we were talking about double standards that women faced before and during their campaign to gain voting rights. There are still double standards that exist today. For example: When you see a girl dressed up (or dressed down) walking across campus early in the morning, generally on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, what do you think? Walk of Shame. But when you see a guy in the same situation? Walk of Winning. It's 2011 people, time to move on past these types of issues.

And I'll close out this week with the video for the new Beastie Boys song "Make Some Noise." Say what you want, but they are still great. "License to Ill" remains one of my favorite albums to this day and I always slip a few Beastie Boys classics into my party mix.
Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise - Free Music Videos - Top Songs

Stay classy, not UMassy (and have a nice weekend if you're heading home).

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  1. I've never heard someone calling it "the walk of winning" on campus, we've always called it the walk of shame no matter what the sex and, yeah, I'm a guy. The VIP feel is definitely there, especially as a Junior, except in the Knot, where the tables always look like someone spilled several drinks
    on them prior to you sitting down. No VIP feel there.