Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alcohol is bad mmmkay

UNH Health Services released a few alcohol awareness videos and they practically don't have any views so I felt it was my responsibility to share them with you all:

Best part: "Now I have alcohol poisoning."

Best part: 3,000 students won't drink this weekend... (but the other 10,000 or so will.)

Best part: "Avoid pre-gaming and drinking games." Umm, that's the point!

This one uses most of the first three videos and has some more commentary between them:

So, apparently pre-gaming and 5 or more drinks is high-risk drinking. Whoops, five drinks is usually about my average pre-game. I have much to learn.

To make this better, this video was in the related videos tab on YouTube. Good ole' UNH:

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