Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ballards being replaced by an Aroma Joes

 A Ballad for Ballard's...

Ballard's you got me drunk
the news of your closing has me in a funk
you had plenty of really cheap beer
and when it got packed you could barely hear

Your patio made you unique
I often used your bathroom to take a leak
Ballard's, you will be greatly missed
 boy, am I really pissed

Discounted pitchers and beat the clock
this news came as quite a shock
At Ballard's I was often trashed
Let's have another night when we all get smashed!

The rumors started swirling this afternoon, but it looks like it is more than a rumor. Apparently Ballard's Restaurant, known for being the only place to drink outside downtown, is being replaced with an Aroma Joe's coffee shop. This is a very sad day for UNHers. Ballard's (formally the Tin Palace for all you oldies) definitely, without comparison, has the best beer selection of all the Durham bars. Sitting out on their patio on warm afternoons, evenings and nights was one of my favorite things about going out downtown. Factor that in with no more Ballard's Beat the Clock and the fact that the other bars just got that much more crowded makes this even worse.

I am not sure on the timetable with this, but hopefully they'll have a final closing bash or something. Ballard's will definitely be missed and UNH nightlife won't be the same without them.

No more Ballard's drinking game, no more patio nights and no more dollar drafts of the best beer selection in Durham.

New Hampshirite = devastated. Rest in peace Ballard's, rest in peace.

Update: Apparently there is a sign on the door that says they're closed the rest of the week for refurbishing and inventory. Sounds like it has already happened.


  1. So the only good bar in Durham closes to make way for another coffee shop. Good. It's so fucking hard to get coffee in and around campus, this was a necessity.

    1. I love sarcasm so much xD

  2. this sucks... but the poem did make me laugh

  3. So, where do I go for my 21st birthday tomorrow night? the kNOT, Titties, or Scorps??...i'll probably just drink my sorrows at mei wei or something...

  4. Not a huge fan of Scorps, but Ballards was probably the worst bar. It took forever to get served there, despite it having the longest bar.