Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Letter Regarding David Guetta Concert

Dear Students of UNH,

I hope your semester is going well. With David Guetta performing a concert at the Whittemore Center tonight, Wednesday, February 8, I have been asked to get some information out to the students.

I am asking for your cooperation to make sure that no “after concert” problems may arise on campus. UNH has had a few times in our history where major student misbehavior followed concerts such as the Wiz Khalifa and Avicii "ragers." Leading up to and following these concerts significant damage has occurred to student's brain cells and livers.

I am requesting that students stay away from the Main Street area. Students will not be permitted to gather downtown. There is going to be increased police presence at the Whittemore Center and in town. By going downtown you face a serious risk of arrest, suspension from school or face a possible death squad.

Also, to prevent any "during concert" problems, students are being asked to stand still throughout the concert. No singing, no dancing, and absolutely no "going HAM" will be allowed. If you must use the facilities please raise your hand and a trained usher will walk with you. To avoid confusing the ushers, we respectfully ask that you refrain from "fist pumping."

Lastly, to prevent any "pre concert" problems, students are being asked to bring a book to read quietly while waiting in line for the doors to open. Any student found not studying will face possible suspension or arrest.

Enjoy yourselves and thank you for your cooperation. And remember stay classy, not UMassy.

The New Hampshirite
Student Blogger: Certified Bad Ass


  1. bravo. good stuff right here

  2. this made my day. i love you new hampshirite