Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cowell Stadium Renovations

There are high schools with better facilities.

On Saturday I attended the annual blue/white spring football game and I came away with two impressions. The first is that I truly believe this year's team will be making headlines in the fall. Over the past few seasons they have proven that they can score points on anyone, but it looks as if they may finally be able to play some solid defense. The second impression I came away with is that UNH needs a new football stadium; immediately. It really is an embarrassment to the university. UNH has the potential to compete for a national championship and they have to play at a field where ESPN once refused to cover a game because of the condition of the press box. There are talks of a 40 million dollar project that would include lights, a new stadium with luxury suites and press boxes; as well as repairs and upgrades to the Field House. This may seem like a lot of money, especially with the economic issues, but this is something that needs to be done. Take a look at some of the other stadiums in the Colonial Athletic Association. 

James Madison 


One of the proposed renovations. New stadium with press boxes on visitor's side.

Expansion in visitors side. Beautiful, but I think we could go bigger. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. This is an old post but new football facilities are needed. Not a stadium with a track either. It would be nice to start winning some recruiting battles because of our facilities instead of always losing. Maybe we could host a playoff game and help our chances of getting past the quarterfinals.