Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Are You?

I really wanna know... who are these people who want to go home? I don't know about you but I have had more fun going back to August then I ever had in my life. This is fucking college!(I'm sorry that song is too true, except for the dollar a slice pizza... fuckin' DHOP.) How the fuck do people want to go home? This is not just at UNH either. Sign on to facebook, I bet about half your friends from other schools will have statuses like "2 more days and back in the 603!!!" or "one more final and then going home!!" I've tried to think of all the possible explanations and I still find it hard to understand why. 
  • School work: I understand not wanting to do work, but in all honesty if you can manage your time well classes really aren't that hard. I get pretty good grades and I still have a lot of fun when I want. Plus I write a kick-ass blog. That takes a lot more time then reading a kick-ass blog. 
  • Homesick: I find great joy in laughing at my friends who refuse to go to UNH because it is too close to home or too many kids from their high school go here. (I'm sure it is like this for you local state school if you aren't from New Hampshire.) There are a pretty good amount of kids from my high school here, but I hardly see any of them. UNH is not your high school part 2. 
  • See Friends: For the most part my friends at UNH (yes I do have friends) are just as fun as kids from home.  I have hung out with most of my good friends from home on breaks or long weekends. 
  • Food: Food at UNH is actually pretty good. You may not realize it but UNH dining is much better than at other universities. I have a few friends who have transfered to UNH from other schools and they love the food here. Stop taking it for granted. 
  • Money: This is understandable because I am poor. I could get a job here but I would much rather write this than be flipping burgers at HOCO. When I'm home I'll probably spend more time working than I do in classes. Which means I will have less free time at home than at school. 
  • Alcohol/Parties: Believe it or not, some people want to go home to party. I don't know about you but partying at UNH is infinitely better than back home. Also at UNH, providing you have sources, alcohol is readily available at all times. I know many people drink at home with friends on a regular basis but personally, the two circumstances don't compare. 
That is all I can think of. I guess since I want to stay I had a hard time thinking up of reasons to want to leave. 

I will be doing a quote of the day at the end of each days first post. Sometimes it will be a "Overheard at UNH" and other times it will be something I have read or heard elsewhere. Today's quote comes from an actual fortune cookie I opened at a restaurant.

"You may be hungry soon: order a take out now."

Stay classy, not UMassy. 

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