Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Too Much Beer is Not Enough

Well, I hope you all had a very exciting and adventurous long weekend. It was much harder to get back into class mode (sober) today than I expected. I have a few quick things to touch on today so I hope at least one of them will interest all of you. I know in a previous post I promised I wouldn't discuss college rankings for a while but it has been brought to my attention that the Princeton Review named UNH the number 2 school in the nation for "Lots of Beer" ranking behind only Penn State. Finally, a ranking we can be proud of! Although in all honesty I'm not sure how these rankings are created. The one thing I do know is that I like beer, and I guess that is all that matters. But with all good things there is always a downside. More beer means more cops, which means more of a pain in my ass. Or our ass as a collective student body.

The Union Leader ran an article today about how UNH is working with police to crack down on off campus houses and apartments that are too rowdy. I have one thing to say: GET A FUCKING LIFE! It is really worth it to pay a police force all this money for them to sit around and arrest 18-20 year old kids for drinking a beer? College students are going to have fun, and drink alcohol and probably smoke weed and honestly there are so many other things that the school should be concerned about. The whole idea of getting a house or apartment off campus is to have more freedom to drink without worrying about RA's and other university employees.

A lot of kids realize that they can't do much then sit quietly in a dorm and drink so they either join a fraternity or get an apartment. If UNH cracks down more on the apartments, then that leaves just fraternities for parties. A lot of kids already join frats for the social aspect, but there are others who join for their future resume. If more kids join frats looking to only party then the whole Greek system takes a hit. Fraternities will begin to loose their attraction to students with higher GPA's and soon enough there won't be any recognized fraternities on campus. See the picture I am painting for you? Colleges in general need off campus apartments and houses to be rowdy, simply because they are off campus. Otherwise the campus organizations will collapse and the university as a whole takes a reputation hit. Believe it or not, universities with a strong Greek system is a very good thing. It makes the university much more attractive to incoming students.

UNH is obviously overly concerned with its reputation of being a "party school" which is why this past weekend over 60 arrests were made with the huge majority being alcohol related issues. I want to know how much money is being spent for these cops to do their "jobs." The cops can arrest everyone they want, but the fact is that kids are still going to drink. How come there haven't been any articles about the conditions of the some of the dorms or other buildings? Go into any of the buildings that are more than 10 years old and rusty pipes are exposed everywhere, to say the least. Most of the big lecture halls on campus have terrible heating, the bottom of the room being freezing cold and the top rows are hotter than fuck. I know there are dozens of other things worth complaining about, but I don't feel like going through them all.

I would also like to mention that a "sister" blog has been started at UMaine by a close friend of mine. He's new to the game so show him support... or at least let him know what you think of Maine. I was thinking about asking some friends at UMass and UVM if they would be interested in creating some sort of New England State University Blogger League, but then I realize that people at UMass can't spell and those at UVM smoke way too much weed to remember to blog on a regular basis.

The Princeton Review also listed UNH as a college with poor diversity and culture. So with today's song of the day I have picked out a foreign culture song that is great to drink to.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. the cops here are out of control. youre right, there are much bigger problems then alcohol.

  2. well thank you cops for not arresting me when were outside DHOP saturday fucking shit up

    btw, thanks for the shout out, I think your readers will really love my post tomorrow about brownies and parking it in the rear.