Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GQ Names 25 Douchiest Colleges

GQ recently released their first list of the Top 25 Douchiest Colleges in America and (obviously) UNH was left off the list. Congratulations everyone! We are not considered to be highly douchebagic! I expect you all to text any of your friends whose schools do appear on the list, just to let them know how lame they are. (Even though most kids who goes to some of these schools will probably be our bosses in 10 years...)

In fact the only America East/Hockey East school on the list was BU, which received the title of "The Future Marketing Executives of America Douche" at number 18. UVM was giving an Honorable Mention at #10 for the "Kind-Bud Douche" which went to Colorado. Honestly, I was very surprised to see that UMass was left of the list considering the amount of douchbaggery that goes on down there. I know what you're thinking, "How about UMaine, aren't they considered to be our biggest rival?" Yes they are and I would be all over GQ but UMaine doesn't have anything really going for them right now. Especially because of the lack of talent on their hockey team over the past few years. Unfortunately I believe that Mrs. Kariya (mother of several UMaine standouts) is past her hockey-talent-producing-prime.


Here is the list in it's entirety. Click the top link to see GQ's reasons behind each ranking.
25)University of Virginia
24)University of Texas
23) Randolph-Macon
19)Ohio State
18)Boston University
17)University of Chicago
16)University of Southern California
15)Notre Dame
14) Arizona State
13) University of Georgia
12)University of Phoenix
10)University of Colorado (UVM runner-up)
9)Charter College, Wasilla
8)Rollins College
7)Amherst College
6)Bob Jones
5)Deep Springs

I still insist that UMass is the douchiest college in America for the simple fact that they once threw apples at UNH football players and fans. It is one thing to yell and curse at others, but potentially causing bodily harm is barbaric and completely out of line. Therefore I will continue using the same old sign-off as always.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. unbiasedly, duke or ohio st should be 1