Wednesday, September 2, 2009

UNH Ranked 454th best College in America

According to Forbes Magazine UNH is the 454th (that number is a palindrome like the word "dad") best college in America. Forbes only ranked the top 600 so don't take it to hard. We landed between San Francisco University and Calvin College. Forbes based 25% of the rankings on student satisfaction with their course instruction. Another 25% was based on indicators of post-graduate employment success, and one-sixth (16.67%) on the likelihood of graduation from college within four years. They estimated average four-year student loan debt for each college and this was 20% of the ranking. The final 13.33% was on the student and faculty success in winning national and international competitive academic and research awards. The number one school in the nation was West Point Military Academy, which beat out last years winner, Princeton.

Some notable colleges and universities that ranked behind UNH are: Northeastern, WPI, Liberty University (obviously that school sucks), Temple, Purdue, Miami Fl, Auburn and RPI just to name a few. I really don't think that these rankings mean anything at all (UMass was ahead of us so something wasn't quite right), in my opinion if you get a degree from any school you should be able to get a solid job and that is all that matters. I promise I won’t be doing any more posts on college rankings for awhile...

Anyways, happy Wednesday everybody, and hump day for those of you who have classes everyday. I was able to get Fridays off this year so I’m pretty pumped for this four-day weekend right off the bat.

I’m sure most of you have realized by now that you either a) severely over packed or b) forgot some key essentials. I happen to fall in the second group, realizing that dorm room beds are as hard as a piece of granite without a mattress pad. I have also learned that my printer no longer works and gets a paper jam every time I turn it on. Not cool. I didn’t use it once all summer and now I may have to rely on the library or friends.

I have another general assumption to make, you all either: a) spent a shit load on books and will no longer be able to buy cocaine. (Greatest line ever? Bob Saget has really tried hard to erase that Danny Tanner good guy image huh?) b) you didn’t buy any books or c) you lucked out and didn’t have to spend much at all. Once again I fall into the latter category, spending a UNH career low of $130 bucks this semester. Let’s just say, I do not have to push it to the limit, because I am poor. (Greatest montage ever?)

I basically wrote that entire paragraph because I wanted to link to those two clips. That's why it doesn't make any sense. So if you don't watch those clips you just wasted our time. If that is that case I have one thing to say to you:

I'm pretty sure that nothing in this post has made any sense and is no way relevant with anything. I apologize.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. lol "i used to suck dick for coke" haha. all 3 of those videos are awesome.

  2. spicoli is the best character ever!!