Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Beginning

With the new school year comes change and new opportunities. Over this summer I was contacted by some of the editors at TNH, they were hoping that I would write for them. At first I didn't want to because I felt as though I would be selling out on my blog and readers. But after some discussions at last nights writer's meeting I was offered the chance to simply submit clean posts for publication. I realized that this is probably the best thing that could have happened because it allows me to expand and without having to do more work. (Other than writing with good grammar.) And it will (hopefully) add some humor to an already well established newspaper. So I just want to let all of you loyal readers out there that the blog is still my top priority and you can still expect me to post as regularly as I ever have. Just keep an eye open for The New Hampshirite to make a few appearances in the only student newspaper here at UNH. I am very excited and honored about this opportunity.

Now that is out of the way, I have also overheard that SCOPE will be announcing this year's homecoming show tonight. Rumors have that it is not a comedian (I guess that means it could be Jimmy Fallon again) but a music show at the Whit. I guessing this means that it is obviously going to be a big name because there is always a homecoming comedian and they don't do Whit shows for just anyone. **EDIT 6:10PM Akon. Really? Akon, what year is it 2004?

Let us not forget that today is also Thirsty Thursday, meaning that I will get drunk tonight and I don't have classes for 3 days. Have a swell weekend, get drunk, go downtown and do something funny or dumb so that I can have something good to write about.

I was recently told a very funny "Overheard at UNH" by a source who wishes to remain anonymous:
At the gym:
Girl 1: "You how I stayed so skinny during high school soccer?"
Girl 2: "How?"
Girl 1: "I was doing cocaine and I hated it."
They continue to talk about cocaine and girl 2 obviously acted very shocked and disappointed so I believe that they were being serious.I didn't know that people were still that stupid now-a-days. I mean I've done some dumb shit, but I would never do fucking cocaine, especially enough times to stay skinny.

Have you heard anything ridiculous lately? If so email it in and I'll gladly share it. Also, I'm expecting to be working on and finishing my 100th post project this weekend. I hope everything goes well with it because I feel like a lot of people will get a kick out of it. It will put my "One Month Post" to shame. Have a good weekend, be Nonsensical, and don't let those douchebag cops keep you down.

Oh one more thing, hey kid down the hall if you read this, try playing this song next time you leave your door open trying to pick up girls.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. goodluck with TNH, you deserve it....
    that little kid just makes me feel like a failure. thanks.

  2. wwawlalkahelkaj thurstyt thirsday!!! lmaine style!!!!!

  3. clearly you havent been at UNH long enough ;)