Monday, January 25, 2010

Special Reserve Sauce: Round One

I hate hot and spicy foods. I have trouble if I eat "medium" salsa. One of my favorite foods on campus are the barbecue wings from Wings Your Way. Last night two "friends" convinced me to try the special reserve wings. They had both ate them before, one of them even likes the hotness. I took the first bite and said, "It's not that bad." 5 seconds later my face was sweeting and my mouth was throbbing. I probably could have managed the wings, but we poured another side cup of the sauce over them. They were both done their two wings before I finished my first. I finally finished, with the help of cranberry vodka and V8, neither of which I could taste. About 3 minute after finishing my mouth and face were still burning and I decided to run outside and shove my face in the snow, and ended up laying down face first in the snow. If I didn't do that I would have puked. I don't know what it is but my mouth can't handle super hot foods. I like the taste, but it is just too much. I highly doubt I will be trying anymore special reserve in the near future. I think my mouth is swollen this morning.

 Left: Death                                Right: Puke prevention.

As the night continued I realized my vaporizer was missing the plug to heat it up, luckily it took the same plug-in as my printer and PS2. One of those double rounded things like this: (O)(O). The more you know...

Stay classy not UMassy.

PS: My roommate's girlfriend (I know she reads this) is the best for buying him a coffee maker. Awesome.


  1. ...I'm extremely intrigued by these 'special reserve wings'...I want some.

  2. don't bother with the special reserve. i like spicy foods, but the reserve wings have the flavor of battery acid.

  3. ^^ this kid is a pussy then

  4. your vap. plug look like boobies!