Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back to School...

Dear UNH,
The new semester is upon us and I have one warning: Watch out. If I may quote my friends from Gogol Bordello, "We're coming rougher every time." I promise to uphold that statement by partying, working and blogging harder than ever before. I am very excited for the new semester and I feel that great things are in store for us all. We have a new writer (and hopefully more, or some guest posts at the very least) and I feel that the University of Nonsensical Happenings is heading in the right direction. I spent my break working on a house and reading some journalistic inspiration works from Hunter S Thompson. Let me tell you after spending the last two weeks helping on my dad on my parent's new house and spending time around some crazy motherfuckers I've never been more appreciative of my education at UNH.

Over break I went to New York City, got served at bars, saw one of my favorites bands and did some skiing, but the craziest story of my break happened this morning.  A guy delivering lumber in a huge flatbed-crane-truck was backing out of our driveway and he sideswiped a small granite post for the length of the truck and snapped a 14 foot tree in half. He left without telling us. It turns out he was drunk... at 9AM.

Here is a prime example of someone who doesn't take responsibility or understand moderation. As you can probably tell by reading this blog I am all about having fun, and a good amount of us have been to class  hungover or maybe a bit drunk from the previous night, but there is a fine line between not being able to take notes and not being able to drive. When that line is crossed, people's lives are in danger. So for this up coming semester, please be responsible. Don't worry, I'm not getting soft on you, I still hope to see UNH back on the Princeton Reviews best party school list. UNH may not have a Good Samaritan or Medical Amnesty policy in place yet, but we do have handy programs like safe rides. Also, don't get arrested, that would fucking suck. UNH and Durham cops know how to trip kids up so know your rights. Here is a video that I have posted before, but if you haven't seen it I highly recommend watching it, because it could keep your name out of the ever popular TNH police log:

This is college, meaning that the time and place for "that" is now, so go out, have fun, party and drink if that's your game, but stay smart, stay safe and most of all
Stay classy, not UMassy.

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