Thursday, January 21, 2010

UNH Course Rank

The UNH Student Senate Community Change Council is proud to announce that they have officially launched The website is very similar to ratemyprofessors, but is designed specifically for UNH. (Duh). It is very easy to set up an account, simply use your UNH email as your ID and create a password. You will get a confirmation email and then you are ready to take advantage of the site. Over 3,000 courses have already been added with 230 ratings and counting. The most useful tool is that students can anonymously submit reviews and enter their grades for each class. The more students who join, the better it will become. So please spread the word because it could be very helpful when registration rolls around in the spring. There is also a facebook page for questions and to gain support from the student body. I would personally like to thank and congratulate the student council for getting this done, it should prove to be very helpful immediately and for years to come.  

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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