Friday, May 6, 2011

2010-2011 UNH Blog Awards

UNH, it has been one hell of a year. Another one down, and year closer to life in the real world. The year would not be complete without recognizing a few individuals and groups for their achievements of excellence, their vast disappointments, extreme classiness, those who possess true amounts of Wildcat Blood and most importantly those who acted down right Nonsensical.

Nonsensical Nation, I give you the 2010-2011 UNH Blog Awards!

If you are a winner, simply print out the certificate below and fill in your name (or your organizations/group/team/etc name) and the proper category. Feel free to frame it, hang it on your wall or put it on mommy's refrigerator.

(Click to enlarge)

Wildcat Blood Award: Ryan the Asian ( For his efforts at hockey games and he will be the new cowbeller beginning next season. We need more cowbell!)

Rival Reader and Commenter: The Maine Guy. It's the Maine Guy's second year in a row with an award. A true reader, despite being a Black Bear.

Best Game: UNH 5-4 over Maine. Such a great ending. The Nyquist breakaway, open net, post, Thompson from behind the net... ahhh.... so good.

UNH Blog Athlete of the Year Pick (Also known as the kid I told my friends from other schools that I had class with Award): Paul Thompson

Clutch Pass out Performances: The Cabinet Kid. Cabinets, under couch cushions, need I same more? Champion.

Blatant Plagiarism Award: UNH Media Relations

Freshmenest Freshman Moment of the Year: Wiz Khalifa piss drinker

Most Obvious Prediction Award: People being mad at SCOPE

Most Lacking News Scandal: Williamson RA firing

Most Over Blown New Story: UNH ranked Number 1 Drug College

Most Ridiculous, Incompetent and down right stupid Methodology for ranking druggiest colleges: Daily Beast

Lamest Potential Blog War: Maple Leaf Fans for hacking the Hobey Vote

Best Comment Thread: Maple Leaf Fans and the PTP School Post

Best Fort Award: Nonsensical Headquarters (awarded to all those who contributed. I know I'm bias, but I saw a couple other forts this year and they did not hold up to our standard.)

Are you really still worried about us award?: UNH Dining

Top Tweeters: Anyone who gave dining shit (see last link)... and the real Huddleston.

Best Bad Idea: Starting the new business school $20 million dollars short with the school's budget being slashed by the state: Everyone involved in that decision

Best Situation Gone Bad: Peter T. Paul's Donation. Awesome, but UNH can't afford to cover the rest of the project.

Still yet to disown me Award: New Hampshirite's Parents

Continued to put up with my columns Award: TNH Editors

Most frequent commenter Award: "Anonymous" dude commented on almost every post... I told you to start using names or reoccurring IDs at least...

Best Local News Story that Quoted me: UNH Students Dispute "druggiest" Ranking 

Strangest Story: The girl who tried to take UNH housing to court because she was underage and had a drinking party with a bunch of underage kids and they kicked her out and she said they violated her 5th amendment.

The No Chance in Hell Award: Union Leader asking to reprint one of my columns with my real name. Nope.

Staying Classy Award: UNH. We might be a little nonsensical, but we're still not UMass.

If you are a winner, please feel free to post your acceptance speech in the comment field. And as always,

Stay classy, not UMassy


  1. "Most frequent commenter Award: "Anonymous" dude commented on almost every post... I told you to start using names or reoccurring IDs at least..."

    ive been too lazy to put DR

  2. (Obviously) never heard of the Williamson RA firing.... interesting....

  3. Shit has it been a year already from the last ones? Congrats to all the winners, if I remember correctly I kicked ass last time. I still read the blog everyday but things have changed a little. Instead of going to UNH like what was always the plan, I was accepted to the University of London so im gunna see how that goes.

  4. One more award than Obama got, therefor, I am more deserving of the presidency than Obama. Simple logic.

  5. Next year's gonna be ridiculous. I feel like without UNH hockey, I've fallen into twitter obscurity...... :/

  6. A late entry:

    The Chris Hason "What are you doing here away" goes to the users of the Alumni webcam in from of the Whit before the update

  7. lol @DR

    I think they meant to say "Chris Hanson" tho

  8. the six williamson RA firings happened because they all went to a party for one of the RA's who just turned 21. The SRA turned them in(who thoughtfully resigned over winter break because she had 500 freshman pissed off at her). Not all of them had been drinking but since they were at party with alcohol and are not of age . . they were fired ( res life sucks). I'm surprised it wasn't big news.