Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Business School Video Update

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Oh noes! McConnell is too hot! Kingsbury is better than us! Wah wah wah!

Blatant propaganda by UNH video productions. I want to know how much this video cost to produce. Feel free to crack your own jokes and if you're in WSBE (I have do friends in there) please don't hurt me. As someone who spends most of my time in Horton and usually a class a semester in Ham-Smith I feel the pain of dealing with shitty buildings. It would just be nice if the shittiest got improved first. Oh well. I guess when I make $50 million contributing to history journals and blogging I can donate money to my specific requests. Speaking of that... anyone want to sponsor this blog? WSBE Alums? I'll write nice things about your evil corporations with limited sarcasm.

Stay classy, not UMassy

PS: I didn't realize we met that $25 million fundraising goal... oh, right... about that...

UPDATE: New video I found of the groundbreaking ceremony and my reactions below.

Sorry, the videos automatically play. Gonna have to pause one.

Huddleston: "No better time than now to build this college"

Really? We didn't raise the money and we're losing funding. Great timing.

I don't know... I realize that WSBE is rapidly expanding, but a project like this with the way our school's and state's budget and funding is going I just can't see how we will have enough money. We're still what, $20 million short? How is this going to be possible? Where is the money coming from? I love the idea of UNH renovating buildings and expanding. That is great for the school and the state. A new business school can help us, but I'm really not sure now is the right time.

Before I leave... I need to call TOTAL BULLSHIT on Peter T. Paul and Dean Innis on the whole "Peter was donating the money to help the people." (See the 8:30 second mark)

Exact quote:
"Peter wants to make the world better by investing in people. So he's investing in us and UNH and EVERYTHING that WE do. And that day he agreed to donate the 25 million dollars to the people of UNH and the people of this UNIVERSITY and those who benefit from this university."

Whoa whoa whoa... "Everything that we do" and "to the people of UNH"

If Peter T Paul really wanted to benefit all the people of UNH, he wouldn't have specified that it would be a new business school named after him. It would have been non-specific so it truly could benefit us all. That quote is absolute bullshit and it makes me sick. I understand the donation and I understand that he wanted it to be for a new business school, but don't feed us this bullshit about the donation "to the people of UNH." This is for the business students. Good for him. Good for them. But cut the bullshit. It is really awesome that he made this donation. It's the biggest donation in UNH's history and that is fantastic, but don't sugarcoat it. We are not stupid.

PS: How awkward was Peter T. Paul's "ground breaking" jokes?


  1. yankees suck.

  2. Are these kids serious? I wonder if they've ever had a class in nesmith...

    -Shafted liberal arts student.

  3. Fuck that shit. I'm so glad I'm leaving this year, because this is sickening. Ham Smith and a couple other buildings should be a priority. This new school will be UNH's Big Dig.

  4. I could not agree more. I'm an English major and I have to deal with one of the oldest buildings on campus that needs a major overhaul. This whole thing is ridiculous.

  5. I know many disagree but UNH/WSBE does need a building that is not a dump. Prospective business students do choose other schools like, Bentley, Northeastern, and BC due to their facilities. Fine, who cares about the WSBE kids? Well, Business Administration is one of the largest majors on campus, right after Undeclared. It was one of their alumni who donated half the money and he can choose where he would like it to be spent.

    -Capitalism Rules

  6. "I guess when I make $50 million contributing to history journals and blogging"

    I think you should be saying "I guess when I CAN BORROW $50 million..." 1 big donation and a lot of borrowing does not a Business School make.

    Also, as a WSBE-er, I can tell you (responding to anonymous above) that Bentley, Northeastern, and BC are all several tiers above WSBE/UNH. That is why students are going there. After having experienced the "joys" of a WSBE program, I can tell you that the foundation is totally rotten. Trying to build a new school on top of it is just setting themselves up for disaster.

  7. agree with anonymous 2:40pm

    Let's be honest, UNH is known for the business school and not for english major.

    That right there should tell you that you should switch your major to WSBE and not English. Maybe one day you'll have $25 million to fuck around with

  8. I'm so sick of WSBE students complaining about their buildings. Have they ever stepped foot into cockroach-infested Spaulding? Or how about being in Kendall on a windy day and having it feel like the building is going to collapse?

  9. Anonymous "Capitalism Rules",

    Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the financial motivation behind a new business school, it is the bigger major, WSBE alumni tend to be the only ones who donate, blah blah. But the administration isn't even attempting to pretend it cares about us Liberal Artsy types. It is straight up, giving us the middle finger. Totally agree with the "big dig" comment. You can't one day take out a $16 million loan to "match" Peter Paul, and then the next day go crying to the State House that the GOP are cutting all your funding.

    Possibly the biggest error UNH has made to date. Sort of glad I'm leaving in 8 days, don't want to be associated with an administration that has prioritization and basic management issues.

  10. Whoa whoa whoa, I don't usually knock readers, but did someone really take my "$50 million" comment seriously? Funniest thing on this blog.

    And UNH isn't known for it's business school. Maybe around New England we are... let's face it, we're an average state school with one of the highest state school tuitions. That is about all we are known for... and drugs.

  11. I'd rather live on a teachers salary then be in business. I'd rather be happy and enjoy myself than having to suck my boss's dick for 15 years until I get promoted to doing his laundry for another 10... although if I join a frat maybe I'll cut that time in half... nah. I'll stick with liberal arts.

  12. "WSBE Alums? I'll write nice things about your evil corporations with limited sarcasm."

    LOL, one of your best lines I've read. great post and not overdone.

  13. LMFAO

    coming from a engineer major, i think people are just jealous and cant appreciate nice things.

  14. COLA kids,

    It's time to stop complaining; you're just jealous that WSBE is getting a new facility. Paul is a WSBA alum and he donated that money for a reason. I understand some of the other buildings on campus suck, but don't knock the business school.

  15. NewHampsherite, i think you're reading into his comment just a little bit too much

  16. I am sick of the COLA kids crying...
    -CEPS, WSBE, HHS, COLSA..aka majors that get jobs

  17. It's not about shitty buildings and which ones need upgrades. It's about the fact that WSBE is the best business school in the state, and the building does not reflect that at all.

    If COLA really needs better buildings, maybe their alumni should be more active in giving back. Maybe COLA students should make a big deal about the need for building updates. Maybe COLA should start attracting more students. I kinda doubt bitching about other programs getting DONATED/FUNDRAISED money will fix your problems.

  18. Best in the state? This is NH, doesn't really saying much...

    It's not about WSBE getting the donation, thats not what other kids are complaining about... it's about the timing of this project. A project that costs $50 million, but we only have $25 million to spend. And it's being done at a time that the school and the state can't afford it. Good for the business school, but bad for everyone else. Where is the money coming from...

    Plus UNH has focused all fundraising for it, while neglecting everyone else.

  19. WSBE, like someone said above, is one of the biggest schools within UNH. They're going to focus on the WSBE priorities before everything else, because this will now give them something to lure kids into coming here (and help pay some of the deficit), as well as other reasons

  20. I know the school is being built through a donation, but it isn't enough to fund the project! That is the problem! WSBE commenters about don't realize that the school doesn't have the money to do this. it's not that other we (non wsbe) students are jealous, its that we are all going to suffer because the school is starting a project that it can't afford.

  21. It's not like the WSBE students banded together, called Peter T. Paul, and begged for money for a new building. It's his money and he gets to donate it to whatever part of UNH he chooses. If you're a rich COLA alum, you're probably gonna donate your money to COLA. If you're a rich alum who loved sports, you're probably gonna donate your money to the athletics department. It's not fair for all the other bitter students to blame the WSBE students/faculty for the generosity of a stranger.

  22. I think it's unfair that you guys are assuming all the supporters of this new building are from WSBE. I'm a COLA student and while it would be nice to get newer buildings, I know this project will bring in more students which means more revenue for the university. That's why UNH is focusing its fundraising efforts in this area.

  23. Animosity among the various sections of UNH existed before this project, and it will exist long after the new building is finished. Calm the eff down.

  24. I think some of the commenters are missing the main point:

    Yes this donation is great. Yes it's Peter T Paul's money and he can decide what to do with it and UNH would be stupid not to take it...


    UNH is making a mistake by starting this project with barely half the money it will cost and with the state cutting our budget. This shouldn't be an inter-school rivalry. This is common sense. UNH dreamed too big and never thought for a second that maybe we can't afford it. No other large donations are being made and they're taking a risk by starting this project without proper funding. All I can say is that I'll be happy to be gone after next year because this school is going to have to find the money somehow and loans create interest... This will not be paid off for a long time and UNH is already one of the most expensive state schools in the country.

    I wish them luck and I hope it is a great success, but it is the timing of this project that bothers me the most. This is just another example of UNH's irresponsible spending.

  25. And you'd think business and economic students would be able to realize that starting a project like this with such little funding is a bad decision... maybe WSBE isn't so great after all.

  26. When you originally posted this before the update, you do know that you sound like some of the commenters that are missing the main point and are complaining about the shitty buildings.....

  27. 2 points

    1. WSBE has been producing students across all degree levels for decades. Why is it after 3 years of well-organized/funded fundraising that UNH is only able to raise ~$5 million dollars. I mean, they donated less that COLA probably could do over the same amount of time. I think UNH needs to examine why it has such limited loyalty from WSBE Alums before they expand.

    2. Dartmouth IS in this state. Trust me, while Dartmouth blows WSBE out of the water, Plymouth State is actually a pretty close competitor to WSBE as well. Once you graduate, you realize kind of quickly that WSBE doesn't have the reputation that UNH says it does.

  28. Why can't UNH just build a $25 million building, again?

  29. 9:08 poster: Because we only get the $25 million if we match it... which we haven't... don't worry, it makes perfect sense to me too.

    6:56- I also mentioned the donation (sarcastically about me becoming rich in way I will never be rich.) I figured people would be able to realize that and see I was referencing the specific donation. I also mentioned the fact that we never raised the money we were REQUIRED to in order to get Paul's donation in the first place.

  30. I think some people don't realize that WSBE is a VERY good school, after WSBE I attended a excellent graduate school and got a job at a prestigious firm. WSBE needs this building to help their recruiting efforts, and in turn will help weed out the "idiots" that get in. I resent that the blogger and others thing business is "evil" and we do it for money? False, I love what I and capitalism drives this country. The technology and research that comes from these companies would never be found by anyone else.

    I did not donate to UNH until WSBE was looking to match the donation. But at my young age I do not have a couple of million laying around.

    As for the complainers... Did you all complain when kinsgbury was built? Or when demerit and james hall got recently renovated?

  31. 5:45 - You do realize the only other business schools in NH are at Saint Anselm and Dartmouth College and Dartmouth is only a graduate program, not an undergraduate. So, saying that WSBE is the best in the state just means it is better than one college.

    And I am aware that other colleges in the state offer business or economics as a major but the colleges do not have an actual business school.

    I agree that this is very bad timing for this new school but complaining isn't really going to solve anything. We all know that the administration at the college doesn't listen to the student body. And, since there has already been "ground breaking"(I wasn't even aware that happened until seeing that video today) it is obviously going to happen no matter how much the university thinks it is a bad idea.

    I think everyone is just going to have to deal with it, unfortunately.

    Something I have been wondering about is, what will be the nickname for this school? We clearly don't like to say full names here (e.g. HOCO, WSBE, MUB, Philly, PCAC) Something about PTPSBE doesn't roll off the tongue.

  32. Just a few notes to point out.

    First, TNHrite, I was personally shocked when you took stabs at Peter T. Paul, especially when he pulled out that bottle of wine, you can tell he was on that was down to party, he owns his own vineyard! lol

    Second, Peter T. Paul never specified to have the building bear his name, it was a decision made by the WSBE staff because of his kind donation (I worked in the WSBE office in 2009)

    Third, you really can't be too hard on Peter T. Paul. As you can see, he knows that the school def. didn't do its part and is challenging alumni and the current graduating class, including matching their donation. He's trying to do more than his fair share.

    Fourth, instead of thinking of all the negatives, did any one of you stop to think and realize that now McConnell is an open building and perhaps this allows another department can move in or get away from shitty classrooms while renovations may be done?

  33. At 10:18 comment...

    Look, "I found technology"...dufus...

    Peter T Paul also makes amazing wine by the way...

  34. @ 10:18 comment: "As for the complainers... Did you all complain when kinsgbury was built? Or when demerit and james hall got recently renovated?"

    It was different in those cases where the school had the funding at the time of the project and was able to afford it without taking out absurd loans that were not supposed to be necessary at at when the project was first announced. I don't feel that most people are against WSBE getting a new school, but rather the fact that the University is moving forward with this project without the funding at the same time that much of our school's funding is getting cut by the state.

  35. Who was the target audience for the first video?

    Is it supposed to be good enough to get millionaires to open their wallets to finish funding the building? Its just a bunch of complaining. Just about every college at UNH can make the same video about their respective buildings.

  36. I don't feel like reading all the comments or watching that entire video. I did try to get the main points out of it though...

    It seems like a phenomenal time to build the new school - UNH will have not trouble getting the money if they need it. YEAH it comes back to hit the students wallets or the states... but you also have to understand you need to spend money to make money and history majors are not the answer to getting alumni donations in the future... just saying.

    Also that video they made to promote the new building probably didn't cost shit... and it's going to attract a lot of students interested in business.

  37. Pauls opening jokes were fucking hilarious (because they were awkward, not because they were funny) and huddleston's face during the whole thing was priceless. It's pretty obvious the guy just likes to hear himself talk...

    "my grandfather made 2 large polished granite balls and I couln't even lift them" lolwut

  38. I like how Huddleston is talking about the need for a new building while standing in front of STOKE?